Martinsville Speedway – NASCAR Track Facts

There is a reason the races at Martinsville speedway are called the “half mile of mayhem” the short track the tight corners and the narrow straights with 40 big NASCAR stock cars racing round, banging barging and crashing into each other makes for quite a spectacle.

This is the oldest track on the NASCAR schedule and a lot is know about the martinsville track. We take a look at some the well known, and lesser known martinsville Speedway facts here.

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Where is Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville Speedway is located in Ridgeway, Virginia. It’s a NASCAR track that hosts several races throughout the year. The track was built in 1947 and has been hosting races ever since. It’s one of the oldest tracks in NASCAR, and it’s a popular destination for fans of the sport, though not all drivers are fans of driving there as racing can be rough with the track being so tight and short.

What Type of Track is Martinsville Speedway?

Martinsville Speedway is a short track. This means that the track is much shorter than most NASCAR tracks and more in line with Bristol, minus the dirt of course. The track is just 0.526 miles long, which makes it the shortest track in a NASCAR season.

Although the recent clash at the coliseum exhibition event was shorter, it is not a full part of the season yet. The layout of the track is also unique, as it features four tight turns. This makes it a challenge for all drivers.

How Many Track Configurations are at Martinsville?

there is just one track configuration at Martinsville Speedway. A half mile oval with 12 degree banking in the corners and, due to the short length very tight slow corners.

What is the Trophy at Martinsville NASCAR Cup race?

The Martinsville NASCAR race is always an exciting one in the NASCAR season. The tight corners, the short track, and the bumping, barging, banging and scraping make it a great spectacle for fans, even if some drivers are not quite as enthusiastic.

Once all that is over there will be one driver with the trophy, only this time the trophy is a grandfather clock!

The first race at Martinsville was in 1947, and it was won by Fonty Flock. The first clock trophy was given in 1952 to Herb Thomas. The trophy has been given to some of NASCAR’s biggest names, including Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon.

The trophy is a reminder of the history and tradition of the race, as well as the sponsor’s commitment to NASCAR. It is also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and it is always a coveted prize for the drivers.

So next time you are watching the Martinsville race, keep an eye out for the grandfather clock trophy, and see who ends up taking it home!

Does Martinsville Speedway Have Lighting for Night Racing?

Yes, the track features lighting for night racing. This allows the track to host races at night, which is a popular attraction for fans. The lighting system is one of the best in NASCAR, and it ensures that the track can host races any time of day or night. It was fitted in 2017 with LED lights, and was the first major motorsports track to do this.

How Many Laps are in a Race at Martinsville?

A typical race at Martinsville Speedway lasts for between 400 and 500 laps. there are 2 races held in the NASCAR cup series here, the Blue Emu 400 and the Xfinity 500 usually in March/ April and October respectively. In 2022 the races are on April the 9th for the Blue Emu, and October 30th for the Xfinity 500.

There is also the chance to watch NASCAR Xfinity, truck and Whelen racing here throughout the year as well. Opens in a new tab.

What are Some of the Notable Races at Martinsville Speedway

Some of the notable races at Martinsville Speedway include the NASCAR Cup series and Xfinity events. In 2022 the Martinsville Speedway held the following as an example.

Table 1: Race days and weekends at Martinsville Speedway

Race NameSeriesDate
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series RaceTruckApril 7th, 2022
Call 811 before you dig 250XfinityApril 8th, 2022
Blue Emu Maximum Pain relief 400CupApril 9th, 2022
ValleyStar Credit Union 300Late ModelSeptember 24, 2022
NASCAR Whelen Modified TourWhelenOctober 27, 2022
Dead on tools 250XfinityOctober 29, 2022
Xfinity 500CupOctober 30 2022

How Many Spectators can Attend Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville Speedway can accommodate up to 65,000 spectators and the range is between 45,000 and 65,000 depending how configured. This makes it a sizeable racetrack in NASCAR.

The track has large grandstands that allow fans to get close to the action. There is also a large infield area that allows fans to wander around and explore the track. This makes for a fun and exciting experience

When Was Martinsville Speedway Constructed?

Martinsville Speedway was constructed in 1947. This makes it one of the oldest tracks in NASCAR. The track was built by Clay Earles,Henry Lawrence and Sam Rice and it has been hosting races ever since.

It’s a popular destination for fans of the sport, and it features some of the best racing in NASCAR. It was paved in 1955 and year later was its first 500 lap race.

How Much Did it Cost to Construct Martinsville Speedway?

It’s unclear how much it cost to construct Martinsville Speedway. However, the track was built during a time when NASCAR was still in its infancy.

The track likely didn’t cost as much as some of the larger tracks that were built later on. The track has been updated and renovated over the years, so it’s likely that the cost would be much higher today.

it was sold for over 200 million in 2004 to the France family

What is the Length of the Track?

Martinsville Speedway is 0.526 miles long. This makes it one of the shortest tracks in NASCAR. The track layout is also unique, as it features many tight turns and hairpin corners.

This makes it a challenge for drivers, and it often leads to crashes. The track has also been known to produce some of the best racing in NASCAR. Drivers have to be aggressive and make quick decisions in order to be successful at Martinsville

When is the Martinsville Speedway NASCAR Race?

The Martinsville Speedway NASCAR races are typically held in late March or early April and in late October. We have highlighted the schedule for 2022 above as an example. This is early race of the season, and it always draws a large crowd. Similarly the late October race is bringing the championship to a close and is popular too.

What is the Banking on Martinsville Speedway?

The banking on Martinsville Speedway is 12 degrees. This places it in the middle of banking range for NASCAR Tracks. However cars are unable to reach the speeds they do at the larger OVal tracks.

What is the Lap Record at Martinsville Speedway?

The lap record, according to WikipediaOpens in a new tab.,at Martinsville Speedway is 18.746 seconds in a NASCAR Whelen car by Greg Sacks in 1986! However see the table below for the different series records.

Table 2: Lap Records By NASCAR Season at Martinsville Speedway

SeriesDriverQualifying and Race TimesYear
NASCAR Cup Seriesjoey LoganoQualifying: 18.8982014
NASCAR Cup SeriesJeff gordonRace Time: 3hrs 11 mins1996
NASCAR XfinityClint BowyerQualifying: 19.7352006
NASCAR XfinityJack IngramRace Time: 1hr 42 mins1984
NASCAR TruckJoey LoganoQualifying: 19.5 2015
NASCAR TruckRich BickleRace time: 1hr 47 mins1984

Who Owns Martinsville Speedway?

Martinsville Speedway is currently owned by International Speedway Corporation. This company owns a number of popular tracks, including Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway.

They are one of the largest track owners in NASCAR, and they continue to invest in new facilities and technologies

What is the Capacity of Martinsville Speedway?

The capacity of Martinsville Speedway is 45 -65,000 fans. This makes it one of the smaller tracks in NASCAR. The track layout is also unique, as it features many tight turns and hairpin corners. This makes it a challenge for drivers and provides plenty of excitement for fans

Who has won the most races at Martinsville Speedway?

  • Richard Petty has won the most times at martinsville speedway with 15 Victories
  • Richard Petty also has the most top 5 places with 30.
  • Darrell Waltrip has the most pole positions with 8
  • The most tops tens go to Jeff Gordon with 38
  • and the most laps around the half mile circuit is Richard Petty with 27891!

What are the Dimensions of Martinsville Speedway?

The dimensions of Martinsville Speedway are .526 miles long and .049 miles wide. This makes it one of the smaller tracks in NASCAR.

The track layout is also unique, as it features many tight turns and hairpin corners. This makes it a challenge for drivers and provides plenty of excitement for fans

Why Doesn’t IndyCar Race at Martinsville Speedway

The IndyCar series does not race at Martinsville Speedway because the track is too small. The Indianapolis 500 is the premier event in this series, and these cars require a larger track to accommodate the high speeds of these cars.

Martinsville Speedway is a popular track for NASCAR, and it is unlikely that IndyCar will ever race there

What Fatalities have there been at Martinsville Speedway

There have been two fatalities at Martinsville Speedway. Richie Evans does on october 24th 1985, and Charlie Jarzombek on March 22, 1987. both divers were in the Winston Modified tour.

What Video Games have featured the Martinsville Speedway?

The popular video game Forza Motorsport 4 features Martinsville Speedway. This makes it one of the few real-world tracks to be included in this game.

It also features in the NASCAR licensed games like NASCAR Heat and the NASCAR Racing series. These games allow players to experience the excitement of racing at this track from the comfort of their own home

Can you Tour the Martinsville Speedway?

Yes, you can tour the Martinsville Speedway. This is a great way to see all the behind-the-scenes action at this track. You can also tale a self guided tour and pick up souvenirs.

What are the Ticket Prices for the Martinsville Speedway?

The ticket prices for the Martinsville Speedway vary depending on the event. However, most of the events are reasonably priced and offer great value for money. Start finish NASCAR Cup seats are $86 dollars for example.

They tend to range between 40 to 90$ with Xfinity and Truck racing less than this. This makes it a track that is accessible to a wide range of fans. You can find more information about ticket prices on the official website.Opens in a new tab.

Can you Camp or bring an RV to the Martinsville Speedway


Yes, you can camp or bring an RV to the Martinsville Speedway. This is a great way to make a weekend out of the race. There are a number of different campsites available, and all of them offer a great view of the track. You can find more information about camping and RVing on the official website hereOpens in a new tab.

Does the Martinsville Speedway have Wifi

The Martinsville Speedway does have wifi. You have to register and log in to access their free wifi.

What Food and Drink Concessions Do They have at Martinsville Speedway

The Martinsville Speedway has a wide range of food and drink concessions. This includes everything from pizza to hamburgers to beer.

There is something for everyone, and you will not go hungry or thirsty at this track. You can find a full list of concessions on the official website here.Opens in a new tab.

Do you need Seat Cushions At Martinsville Speedway?

Seats would certainly make a 3 hour race more comfortable. ( we have a review of some of th ebetter ones here) However the bleachers are in good condition if a little hard after so long!

Final Lap

We will keep this short just like martinsville Speedway! Hopefully you have found some useful information here, and if you want to know more about tracks you can check out the table at the top for other nASCAR track facts.


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