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The Sonoma Raceway is often the second Road track in the NASCAR Cup Series and another great chance to see, at least in 2022, the Next Gen Car take on a road track rather than an oval track. It is a relatively well established track especially compared to COTA and will definitely test the limits of thes enew Next Gen Cars.

Below we take a look at some of those and other facts that you probably don’t know about the second Road track of the season, and how it deals with that summer time californian sun!

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Sonoma Raceway facts

Where is the Sonoma Raceway ?

The Sonoma Raceway  is located in California in the Southern Mountains of Sonoma country. it is about 50 km north of San Francisco

What Type of Track is Sonoma Raceway ?

The Sonoma Raceway track depends on the series racing. the table below details the lengths and turns on each configuration of the Sonoma Raceway .

Track ConfigurationTurnsLength.
Full Course122.520 miles
Indycar course122.385 miles
WTCC Course122.505 miles
Club circuit121.990 miles
Indycar Course ( 2008-2011)122.303 Miles

How many track configurations are at Sonoma Raceway ?

There are six track configurations at Sonoma Raceway: we have highlighted the lengths above and the full list is below.

  • Full Course
  • Indycar Course
  • WTCC Course
  • Club Circuit
  • IndyCar 2008-11 course
  • Indycar 2005-7 Course

Does Sonoma Raceway  Have Lights for Night Racing?

The Sonoma Raceway  does not have lights suitable for night racing. However for racing cars fitted with headlights or their own lighting systems there are races held. However for NASCAR or Indycar races there is not suitable lighting.

What are Some of the Biggest Races Held at Sonoma Raceway ?

Some of the biggest events that have been held at Sonoma Raceway include the following

  • NASCAR Cup Series
  • Le Mans Prototype
  • WTCC Racing
  • IndyCar
  • IndyLights

Sonoma Raceway Facts

How Many Laps are in a NASCAR Race at Sonoma Raceway 

The NASCAR Race – Toyota/ SAve Mart 350 – is 110 laps long, or 218.9 miles, however the speeds are slower than an Oval track so the race lasts for over 2 hours. The average speed in around 90 miles an hour.

How Many Spectators can Attend Sonoma Raceway 

Sonoma Raceway  can accommodate up to 47,000 spectators and has multiple grandstands around its 2.5 mile long track. Unlike a traditional oval the road track viewing points are more spread out.

When Was Sonoma Raceway  Constructed?

Sonoma Raceway was constructed in 1967 and opened in 1968. the first race was a SCCA Enduro race held on december the 1st 1968. It was sold to firmways soon after. However it was acquired by Speedway motorsports in 1996.

How Much Did it Cost to Construct Sonoma Raceway ?

Sonoma Raceway in today’s money would have cost 70 million dollars, and back in 1969 was sold for 4.5 million ( inflation!)

When is the Sonoma Raceway NASCAR Race?

The Second Road Race that the NASCAR Cup Series will hold is on June 12th, 2022. it is the toyota / Save Mart 350. The race is usually a mid season race in the Summer. ( though that tends to be almost year round in California.

Sonoma Raceway Facts

What are the Lap Records at Sonoma Raceway ?

With so many Motorsports using this iconic track we have put the information in a table to make it easier to read.

We have listed the major series lap records in the table below.

Racing SeriesDriverTimeYear
Le Mans PrototypeMarco Werner1.22.0412005
IndyCarJosef Newgarden1.15.5202017
F1 (unofficial)Marc Gene1.21.0042019
NASCAR ( Q)Kyle Larson1.34.1942019
NASCAR RaceWilliam byron1.37.1952019
WTCC (Q)Alain menu1.45.232012

Who Owns Sonoma Raceway ?

Sonoma Raceway is owned by Speedway and has been since 1996.


What are the NASCAR records at Sonoma Raceway?

This track has to be in Jeff Gordons favourites list. He owns the records here!

Driver Name ( its all Jeff Gordon) NASCAR RecordNumber of Times
Jeff GordonMost Wins5
Jeff GordonTop 5s 14
Jeff GordonTop 10s18
Jeff GordonPole Position5
Jeff GordonLaps Led457
Jeff GordonLaps Completed2233
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Why Doesn’t IndyCar Race at Sonoma Raceway ?

Although there is a pretty long history between IndyCAr and Sonoma raceway it stopped in the 2019 season. IndyCar moved to Leguna Seca as racing at Sonoma was not profit making and was in fact losing them up to 100000 Opens in a new tab.on a race weekend. This is a shame as Sonoma is a great place for single seater racing.

Sonoma Raceway Facts

What Kind of Weather Conditions Does Sonoma Raceway have?

Sonoma raceway usually experiences fine weather for racing in the Early to Mid Summer. Temperatures can range from 25 to 31 and it can be hot under the californian sun and although rain can occur you are likely to get sunburnt more than soaked so plenty of sunscreen, a good hat and some good sunglasses.

What Video Games have featured the Sonoma Raceway

Well i know for a fact that NASCAR heat 5 has the Sonoma Raceway track on it and is fun to drive after all the ovals, however it also makes an appearance in F1 games, MotoGp and Iracing simulations as well. So you can race it as seriously as you wish!

How Much do NASCAR tickets cost at the Sonoma raceway?

The ticket price range for Sonoma Raceway usually start at $59 to 140 for Cup Series seats. depending where the seat is located this will vary of course, and how close to race day you buy the ticket. There are also weekend passes for that start at 95 dollars to 180 dollars

What are the best Seats at World Wide Technology Raceway?

If you don’t want the full grandstand seats which are the most expensive then the best seats at World Wide Technology Raceway are located along turn 9. in 2022 these are reserved ( kinda) for fans of Kyle Larson! They come at a cost of 59 to 89 but if you are/were there is 2022 you get an appear an appearance from the champion as well!

Sonoma Raceway Facts

Can you Tour the Sonoma Raceway 

Yes, you can tour the Sonoma Raceway You can also go kart around it and even get on a push bike and cycle around the 3.4 mile long track as well. A much more sedate way of seeing the track compared to a race car driver! It is a very busy track and there are events held all through the year. You can check out their website on the link above.

Can you Camp or bring an RV to the Sonoma Raceway 

Yes, you can camp or bring an RV to the Sonoma raceway, the hills make for some great vantage points for both tents and RVs. Its one of the better Camping and RV raceday places to camp. you can find out more information here.

What are the Rules for Bringing a Pet to the World Wide Technology Raceway?

Pets are not allowed in the grandstands, but they are allowed in the camping areas. as long as not infield. All pets must be on a leash at all times and waste must be cleaned up. Service animals are permitted.

Can you take coolers to Sonoma Raceway  on Race days?

Coolers or Ice chests are allowed at motorsports events at the Sonoma Raceway during motor sports events. They have to be of a specified size and you can not bring alcohol with you. You can check out the race track cooler sizes here.

Glass bottles are often refused at most tracks ( obvious reasons) btu you can check out the full list of do’s and don’ts in the link to their sites above.

Does the Sonoma Raceway  have Wifi?

yes in some areas of the complex there are wifi hotspots, but be aware there are reports that it is not the best and not available in other areas. So better make sure your phone data is enough! It is a big track and they can’t cover everywhere.

Sonoma Raceway Facts

What is the address of Sonoma Raceway ?

The full address of Sonoma Raceway is 29355 Arnold Drive ( thats a long road!!!!) , Sonoma, California.

The phone number for general enquiries is 800 870- RACE

What Food and Drink Concessions Do They have at Sonoma Raceway 

The exact make up of the Food and drink options at Sonoma Raceway  will depend on the size and type of event being help, however they are very likely to have a large range from the following on NASCAR race days.

  • Pizza
  • BBQ
  • Tex-Mex
  • Turkish wraps and Kebabs
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • as well as soft drinks, beer and cocktails.

They also have drinking water around the grandstands as well.

Do you need Seat Cushions At Sonoma Raceway ?

This will depend on the individual, however being a well taken care of new track the seating is not too bad. if you are looking for seating options you can check out our article below.

What time to arrive at Sonoma Raceway?

The best arrival time depends on the event, however for major events it is advised to arrive at least 2 hours before the race green flag, and if you want the full experience we strongly recommend making a full day of it and arrive when gates open between 9-10.

What Should I Bring To The World Wide Technology Raceway?

Some items that you may want to bring to the World Wide Technology Raceway races include sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, binoculars, and comfortable shoes, you can check their website for things you should not bring though most of it is fairly common sense.

You can also bring a cooler ( special size see here) with your own food and drinks.

Sonoma Raceway Facts


Hopefully that has given you a little more background on this excellent road course. it is great to see NASCAR race on the tight and large ovals, but personally i love to see them take on a road course and see who has mastered turning right as well as left!


Al lifelong Motor Racing Fan, with a particular love of NASCAR and IndyCar racing. Been in and out of cars of varying speeds since i was a child and sharing what i have learnt here.

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