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NASCAR Rolls into Kansas Speedway around May each year and returns for the early stages of the play off races around September – October towards the end of the year. A lot happens between these races but Kansas is a great place for drivers to start their season proper or consolidate the wins they have so far.

it is one of the more, upmarket, tracks with a huge casino and hotel attached to it, incase you wanted to make a great weekend of it! It also has its fair share of excitement with its steep 20 degree banking and fast speeds.

Below we have as many facts as you should ever need about the Kansas Speedway. Whether you are going or watching on TV there should be something you don’t know, or that you never knew you needed to know about Kansas Speedway here.

If you are looking for other track facts we have them listed in the table below, they all follow a similar format and we are working through to get them all up before the end of the season ( 2022) so stay tuned!

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Kansas Speedway.

Below you will find, hopefully, everything you need to know about this aptly named Monster Mile Speedway of NASCAR speedways: Dover Motor Speedway Feel free to update or let us know anything we may have missed.

Where is Kansas Speedway?

The track is located just about 10 km south East of Kansas city and has excellent transport links.

How Long Is Kansas Speedway.

Kansas Speedway is a one and a half mile asphalt oval motor racing track in Kansas City, Kansas. It has banking of 17 to 20 degrees in he turns, 9-11 in the frontstretch and 5 degrees in the back stretch.

Who owns Kansas Speedway?

The speedway is owned and operated by NASCAR. Who acquired the track in 2019. They also own and operate many other Iconic NASCAR tracks including Daytona International Speedway, Martinsville, , Talladega and watkins Glen. .

NASCAR TRACKS Kansas Speedway Facts
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What is The Configuration of Kansas Speedway?

The track is a 1.5 mile traditional tri oval racetrack with 17 to 20-degree banking in the turns and 9 – 11degree banking on the front straights and 5 degrees on the back straights. The Track is considered a tough track for both drivers and their cars

there is also a Road track configuration that is 2.37 miles with 9 turns.

What are The Lap Records at Kansas Speedway?

Kansas is a pretty fast track, 20 degrees of banking allows for that. The New Generations of NASCAR maybe able to make a dent in the Cuperies record which has been held by Kevin Harvick since 2014.

NASCARKevin Harvick27.304 Seconds2014
IndyCarMark Dismore24.761 seconds2002
XfinityMatt Kenseth29.204 Seconds2015
Truck SeriesErik Jones30.101 seconds2015

What Kind of Weather Conditions Does Kansas Speedway?

Kansas usually experiences fine weather for NASCAR racing in the Early Summer. There Is a risk of storms, and when they roll in they can be big but they are thankfully rare.

How Much do NASCAR tickets cost at the Kansas Speedway

The ticket price range for Kansas Speedway usually start at $49 -$155 for general admission depending where the seat is located, You can pay more for suites and weekend passes of course. The earlier you book the better the deals are and you can check availabilityOpens in a new tab. here.

Camping and RV parking and hosting will also add to these prices.

When Was Kansas Speedway Constructed?

It was originally built in 1999 and opened in 2001. It is one of the newer speedways on the NASCAR circuit.

How Many NASCAR Cup Races are held at Kansas Speedway?

The speedway is currently home to two NASCAR Sprint Cup races the Advent health 400 in May and the Hollywood Casino 400 in September and October. The Hollywood Casino 400 is also a Playoffs race.

Is Kansas Speedway a NASCAR Short Track?

NASCAR Defines a short track as a track less than one mile in length, Kansas at 1.5 miles, ( or 1.52 miles depending which series you follow) is a medium length Tri oval Speedway. One of several used by NASCAR throughout the year.

Who won the First NASCAR Cup race at Kansas Speedway?

The first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race was held on September 30th 2001, and was won by Jeff Gordon Driving for Hendrick Motorsports. He also won the return a year later to make it back to back victories.

What changes has Kansas Speedway had?

In 2011 there was an agreement between the speedway and the Richard Petty Driving Experience to set up a Fan Driving experience and a year later a Casino was opened at the track with a hotel.

They also installed lights at the Kansas speedway in 2011 and a road course was also added infield. In what was a huge series of changes in the years 2010 to 2013 the banking was changed from 15 degrees to progressive 17-20 degrees.

What other Motor Sports have been run at Kansas Speedway?

Indy have run races at Kansas from 2011 to 2010 and Sportscar racing was held between 2013 and 2014. Currently the track hosts NASCAR Cup, Xfinity, Truck and ARCA series races.

What is the Seating Capacity of Kansas Speedway?

The track has a seating capacity of 48,000 currently, though this has changed at different times throughout the years and prior to 2019 it was 64,000 capacity seating.

NASCAR TRACKS Kansas Speedway Facts
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Does Kansas Speedway Have Lighting for Night Racing?

Kansas does have lights for night racing. They were installed in 2010/2011 and the first night race was an ARCA race on October 7th 2011. In fact there are only five tracks that do not have lights in the current Cup series season. Talladega, New hampshire, Pocono and Michigan and dover.

How Many Laps are in a Race at Kansas Speedway?

The NASCAR Cup Series races at Kansas are 267 laps, which equals the 400 miles of the race.

How Long is a Race at Kansas Speedway?

The race in distance is 400 miles at Kansas Speedway, which is 267 laps of the half mile oval.

  • The record time for the NASCAR Cup Series 400 miles is held by Denny Hamlin at 2 hours 54 minutes and 2 seconds at the race in 2012.
  • The record for the Xfinity racing is help by Jeff Green at 2.19.24 in 2001. In the opening weekend.

Kansas Speedway Track records

Kansas NASCAR RecordDriverRecord
Most WinsJeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Joey Logano, 3 Wins
Youngest winnerChase Elliot22 Years old
NASCAR Lap recordKevin Harvick27.3
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What is the Banking on Kansas Speedway?

Kansas Speedway is a one and a half mile Oval Track, and its banking is 17 to 20-degree banking in the turns. the straightaways are 5 to 11 degrees of banking.

How can I get tickets to the Kansas Speedway?

Tickets for the Cup series NASCAR Races and other NASCAR races can be purchased online at the speedway’s websiteOpens in a new tab. or by calling the ticket office.

What is the Address of Kansas Speedway?

The address of Kansas Speedway is 400 Speedway Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66111

Can you Camp or bring an RV to the Kansas Speedway?

Yes, you can camp or bring an RV to the Dover Speedway. Camping and RV spots can be reserved through the Speedways Website,Opens in a new tab. there are spots for RV but they need self contained waste systems.

What are the Rules for Bringing a Pet to the Kansas Speedway?

Pets are not allowed in the grandstands, but they are allowed in the camping areas. as long as not infield. All pets must be on a leash at all times. Service animals are permitted.

What is the Phone Number for the Kansas Speedway?

The phone number for the speedway is 866-460-7223

What Food and Drink Concessions Do They have at Kansas Speedway?

Kansas has a wide variety of food and drink concessions. Some of the options include hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken, sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, beer, and wine. . You can bring your own food, beer and drinks too. Just make sure your cooler is 14x14x14 and soft sided, see below.

Can you bring Coolers to Kansas Speedway?

Coolers are allowed to be taken into Kansas speedway as long as they are soft sided (we have an article on the details here) and you can bring food and drinks inside the speedway. You are allowed to bring your own beer also, just don’t bring glass bottles. Coolers should be 14″ x 14″ x14″ inches. See the article above for what style you are allowed.

Do you need Seat Cushions At Kansas Speedway?

No, seat cushions are not required at kansas. However, they are allowed and we have details on the best ones here.

Is There an Age Limit For Entering the Kansas Speedway?

There is no age limit for entering the Kansas Motor Speedway. However, children under the age of 12 the cup series races cost just 10 dollars ( call in advance though) and children under 12 can go to NASCAR Xfinity / Truck races as well for free! To buy alcohol you will need to have ID and be over 21.

We suggest ear protection for little ears though.

What is the Policy For Wheelchair users at Kansas Speedway?

Kansas is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair-accessible seating is available in grandstands. There is also parking assigned and trams to move around the site.

What Should I Bring To The Kansas Speedway?

Some items that you may want to bring to the Kansas races include sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, binoculars, and comfortable shoes.

You can also bring a cooler ( special size see here) with your own food and drinks.

What Time Should I Arrive At The Kansas Speedway?

Kansas speedway has events throughout the race days starting at around 9am, if you would like to see them then arrive before this time.

Arriving early also helps you avoid the queues if you are planning on getting food and drinks prior to the Green flag as well as enjoy the meet the drier and music experiences.


Hopefully you have all the information you need for your visit to Kansas Speedway track, definitely think about staying in the hotel but don’t lose all your money in the casino, and have a great day! Enjoy!


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