Best Stadium Seat Cushions for NASCAR Tracks.

It is no secret that despite improvements over the years that seats at sporting events are build for numbers not for comfort, you won’t find cushions on the seats. NASCAR Tracks are no different. At some of the older tracks they may even be worse. NASCAR races can last upwards of 6 hours and even with the frequent standing and cheering on your driver a little more comfort would be welcome!

So we take a look at some of the best and reasonably priced Portable Stadium seats and cushions you can take to a NASCAR Race.

NASCAR Stadium Seats and Cushions come in a large variety of options. Top of the range models with heating, pockets, back and arms rests are in the more expensive price range. While gel cushions and foam pads are much cheaper. The best choice comes down to the user, the budget and the number of times it will be used.

We have looked at portable seat cushion options that will fit your average NASCAR Race trackOpens in a new tab. seat, for price, with back support, heating and for the larger rumps out there like mine! If you just want to know our choice its right below!

1. ACELETIQS Heated Stadium Seat – Best Stadium Seat and Cushion – Our Choice

If you are just looking for a tried and tested recommendation then you can’t do much better that the Heated Stadium Seat . With the extra comfort and back support, heated seats, pockets, cup holders and even a phone charger to take selfies comes a higher price but it really is comfortable for those long NASCAR trackOpens in a new tab. days that start to head into the evening as well.

If you like your creature comforts then this is a great option. The heating really does work, and the battery lasts long enough to get you to the checkered flag! Great for those early and late season NASCAR race. It comes in various models with both seat and back heated if you really are at the stadium to the small hours.


  • 5 types to choose from from a pad to a full stadium chair
  • Heated back and seat
  • battery is long lasting and can use a powerbank to extend the life
  • cup holders! A must at NASCAR, no more kicking over your drinks
  • moveable arm rests to let in larger rumps
  • Zippered pocket to put your phones etc in.
  • USB to charge your phone if needed.


  • at the top end its more pricey.
  • Seat could be wider (for me)
  • bulkier than other brands (without the features though.
  • Heating works really, but obviously in summer you won’t need that.

As we said this is the top end of stadium cushion seats, but it really is a great option. I got one as i like gadgets, and now we own two as within about 20 minutes my first one had been claimed by the wife! Of course in summer you wont need the heating side of it (unless you want to feel like the NASCAR drivers!), though it does work fine without that. If you don’t need the heated aspect we have other option below.

2. Sports Beats: Unheated Stadium Seats

If you only attend NASCAR, or other Stadiums in the summer then you will not need the heated stadium cushions, in fact cooling stadium cushions would often be better! Unfortunately they don;t have those, or not versions we could find just yet. The advantage of not having the heated elements is definitely the weight of the seat, its easier to carry to and from the bleachers also the price is definitely more attractive.


  • Lighter than the heated options
  • Comes with zipped section
  • Has a under seat drink holder
  • no arms rests so suitable for larger people
  • Shoulder straps to make it easier to carry


  • 2 inches of padding, while helps there are thicker options out there
  • backrest is a little short for taller people

This is a great reasonably priced option if you don’t want the arms rests or the heated features of our top choice. With NASCAR races there will be plenty of times you are on your feet cheering the drivers on, so the 2 inches of padding shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you are sitting for the whole race!

There are similar (very similar) options out there by Sheenive that come as a double pack of Opens in a new tab.stadium cushions Opens in a new if you want to bring a friend, or significant other to a NASCAR race then there are discounts to be had.

Best Priced Portable Seat Cushion

3. Fuel For Fans – Cheaper Portable Stadium Cushion

If you have a large family or need to watch those dollars to spend on tickets or merchandise there are Stadium cushions that can make a NASCAR bleacher more bearable, if not the levels of comfort the other models we have highlighted here. These have the added bonus of being foldable so if you have childrenOpens in a new tab. they could actually be more comfortable if left folded.


  • Price is great, you could buy four for the price of some of the others!
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • cheap and cheerful
  • folds out or can be used doubled up. (especially if you are on edge of your seat!)


  • No features to speak of
  • No back support
  • Laid flat it is thinner than most others
  • If you are heavy support might not be so great

Cheap and cheerful, if one isn’t enough you could try two! These are the most basic of bleacher seats out there, again without bringing your own cushions. They are actually pretty useful for children as they can double up to offer more support for little ones. However, if you are attending a lot of NASCAR racesOpens in a new tab. you might want to look at more comfortable options, if you go a couple of times a year these will do just fine!

4. Camping World – Best Portable Stadium Seat For the Price

We all have to stretch our dollars further than before, but that doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality. This seat is a lovely option. You can choose from 4 different colors, not the best choice in our opinion. but you will be sitting on it so it doesn’t really matter.

It comes with the features of the more expensive models, it isn’t however the cheapest option which would be your own couch cushions by the way. Your couch cushions don;t have a drink holder, zipped pockets, a phone holder and a backrest though.


  • Cheaper than a lot of other backrest stadium seats
  • Comes with good storage options
  • Drinks holder
  • Foldable
  • Only 5 lbs


  • Colors Could be better
  • Padding not as opulent as other models

This model shows that for the casual user you don’t have to send hundreds of dollars to be comfortable. though to be very comfortable you do! For those of use with big families and lots of bums on seats these are a cheaper, and still good quality stadium seat cushion option.

AJDOLL Gel Cushion – Best Cushion for NASCAR Stadiums.

Whatever the reasons sometimes you don’t like the backrest, the armrests are not much use, or you need more space and don’t like to be constricted then there is the option to just have a cushion. These can come both heated and unheated depending on your preference. They are definitely more portable that all the other options we have above and lower in price than most other choices


  • Price is a definite plus point here. this is quite high end stadium cushion , and cheaper versions can be found if needed.
  • Portability. At around 2lb this can be put in your bag or on top of the cooler (in it of you want it cold!)
  • Comfort. This is great, gel cushions have been around for a while and are super comfortable.
  • Washable cover, if it gets hot people sweat, we don’t need to say more!


  • No upper back support.
  • Lacks the features of pricer models
  • Could do with a little more padding for those long Talladega days!

Don’t forget to check out our best ear protection suggestions if you are heading to the track as well.


It is unsurprising that our choice is the most expensive. NASCAR Cushions and stadium seats have come a long way in the last few years and the heating option, if you need it, really is a great addition.

However, for all you Floridians out there who don’t need a warm butt there are similar quality of seats for half the price that don’t have a heavy battery pack to carry around every time you go to a NASCAR race.

There are even options for those of you who spend most of your time on your feet, and just need a break now and then. So a gel or cheap cushion will work just fine here too.

Whichever you go for we hope it makes that long track day all the more comfortable for you and your family.


Al lifelong Motor Racing Fan, with a particular love of NASCAR and IndyCar racing. Been in and out of cars of varying speeds since i was a child and sharing what i have learnt here.

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