Indianapolis Motor Speedway: NASCAR Track Facts

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No auto racing facility in the world is more historic, more prestigious, or more important to the history of motorsports than the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Home to the famed Indianapolis 500 (the oldest auto race in the world and arguably the most prestigious) the “Brickyard,” as the track is sometimes referred to, is the largest sports venue in the world: Churchill Downs, Yankee Stadium, Rose Bowl Stadium, Vatican City, the Taj Mahal, the White House, Liberty Island and the Roman Colosseum could all fit inside its infield.

It currently has the highest capacity of any sports venue in existence at well over 250,000 permanent seats.

IMS is placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark. It is the only motor racing facility with this distinction in America.

The track is currently owned by Roger Penske.

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Now lets get into some Indianapolis Motor Speedway facts you may not know about this both huge in size and in stature speedway.

History: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Beginnings

The track was built in 1909, 113 years ago at the time of this writing, in what is now known as Speedway, Indiana.

It was built at a cost of roughly $3 million USD (which is about $86 million in 2021 dollars), as the third-ever auto racing facility (the first being the Brooklands circuit in Surrey, England) and the second purpose-built one (the Milwaukee Mile was originally a horse racing track).

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What is the Configuration Of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis is a relatively flat 2.5 mile quad oval, and its layout basically resembles a rectangle with rounded corners.

Table 1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Oval Track Stats

2.5 miles5/8 miles1/8 miles¼ miles9.2°

However over the last few races NASCAR has not raced on the iconic oval and has instead gone for the road course instead. The IndyCar Race still use the Oval, and there would be riots if that changed.

The Road course configuration is as follows.

The road course at indianapolis consists of 14 turns and is 2.439 miles long.

What are the Races held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The track has hosted a plethora of events in many forms of auto sport over the course of its long history.

  • Chief among them of course is the annual Indianapolis 500, which has been run since 1911 (excluding certain years during WWI and WWII).
  • Since 2014 the IndyCar Series has run a second race at the track on its infield road course configuration.
  • Stock Cars didn’t come to Indy until 1994 with the inaugural Brickyard 400, which was run until 2021 when the NASCAR Cup Series moved to the infield road course as well. The Xfinity Series moved from the former Indianapolis Raceway Park to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2012.
  • The road course configuration was built in 2000 to host Formula One’s return to the U.S., and was the site of the U.S. Grand Prix from 2000 to 2007. From 2008 to 2015 the Indy road course was the home of Moto GP’s Indianapolis Grand Prix.
  • IMS has hosted other, lesser renowned racing events, such as an endurance sports car race, as well as events for the IMSA SportsCar Championship and the Rolex Sports Car Series.

What are the Facilities at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As the world’s biggest sports venue, IMS is home to a number of on-site facilities. Among them are the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which itself is home to the IMS Hall of Fame.

Also on the grounds, besides parking and camping space, is the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort, which has been around in some iteration since 1929.

Have there been Deaths at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

There have been 73 deaths at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. While this number is staggeringly high, it must be taken into account that many of these occurred in the early decades of auto racing, when safety measures had not progressed to the state we see today.

Of these 73 fatalities, the bulk of them (58) have occurred in incidents related to the Indy 500, be it during practice and qualifying sessions, and the race itself.

42 of the persons killed at IMS were drivers, one was a motorcyclist, 13 were riding mechanics, and the remaining 17 were pit crew members, track workers and spectators.

What are the Records at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Four drivers currently enjoy the status of belonging to the exclusive “Four-time Club” of Indy 500 winners. Open wheel legends A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr., Rick Mears, and most recently, Helio Castroneves have won the event four times, the record.

For the NASCAR Brickyard 400, Jeff Gordon is hands-down the most successful driver at IMS, with 5 wins and 3 poles (both records), and also holds records for most laps completed and most laps led.

We also have a table further down with more records.

Indiana track facts

Where is Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway track is located just about 4 km North West of downtown indianapolis and about the same north east of the airport.

How Long Is Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a two and a half mile asphalt oval motor racing track near Though it has other configurations. It has medium banking of 9.2 degrees in the turns. Other configurations are as follows.

  • Grand Prix Road Course: 2.439 miles, 14 corners
  • Motorcycle Course: 2.591 miles 16 turns
  • SCCA Runoff course: 2.589 miles, 15 turns

Who owns Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The speedway is owned and operated by Penske Entertainment group, yep of team Penske fame! .

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What are The Lap Records at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a very fast track with long straights. The New Generations of NASCAR maybe able to make a dent in the race lap record which has been held by chase briscoe since 2021. The move in recent years to the use of the road course, despite fan concerns, should benefit the next Gen Car.

NASCAR OvalKevin Harvick47.6372014
NASCAR RoadChase Briscoe1.30. 1762021
IndyCarAjre Luyendyk37.611996
Xfinity RoadAustin Cindric130.5222020

What Kind of Weather Conditions Does Indianapolis Motor Speedway have?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway usually experiences fine weather for NASCAR racing in the Early Summer. There Is a risk of rain Bring sunscreen and some good sunglasses.

How Much do NASCAR tickets cost at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The ticket price range for Indianapolis Motor Speedway usually start at $35 -$159 for general admission depending where the seat is located, You can pay more for suites and weekend passes of course. The earlier you book the better the deals are and you can check availability here. Opens in a new tab.

Camping and RV parking and hosting will also add to these prices.

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When Was Indianapolis Motor Speedway Constructed?

It was originally built in 1909. It is one of the oldest race tracks and speedways in the world.

How Many NASCAR Cup Races are held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The speedway is currently home to one NASCAR Cup race.The Verizon 200 at the Brickyard which is run on the road course in 2022 and on July the 31st.

Is Indianapolis Motor Speedway a NASCAR superspeedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway at 2.5 miles, is a longer oval Speedway. however it is not a super speedway, it lacks the banking of both Daytona and Talladega and these for the speeds. Also the track will be the road course for the upcoming race. 2023 is not known if it will revert to the oval track yet.

Who won the First NASCAR Cup race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race was held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1994, and was won by Jeff gordon Driving for Hendrick Motorsports. the following year it was Bret Bodine. In 2021 AJ Allmendinger was the winner

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What is the Seating Capacity of Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The track has a seating capacity of 257,327 currently, though this has changed at different times throughout the years it can have 400,000 people on the site though. it is the largest capacity venue n the world.

Does Indianapolis Motor Speedway Have Lighting for Night Racing?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway does not have lights for night racing. There were discussions about doing it in 2019 Opens in a new tab.but it was felt the demand wasn’t there for night racing. .

How Many Laps are in a Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway ?

  • The Indy 500 has 200 Laps of the 2.5 mile Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • The NASCAR Verizon 200 has, 82 laps of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course.

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How Long is a Race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The NASCAR Cup Series race in distance is 400 miles at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval and 82 laps in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course. (200 miles)

  • The record time for the NASCAR Cup Series 400 miles is held by Bobby Labonte at 2 hours 33 minutes and 55 seconds at the race in 2000.
  • The record for the NASCAR Road Race is help by AJ Allmendinger at 3:20.59 in 2021.
  • The Record for Indy Car for the Indy 500 miles is held by Helio Castroneves at 2.37.19 . This was an average speed of 190 miles an hour.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track records

This is most certainly one of Jeff’s favorites!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR RecordDriverRecord
Most WinsJeff Gordon5 Wins
Most top 5sJeff Gordon11
Most Top 10sJeff Gordon17
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What is the Banking on Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a Two and a half mile Oval Track, and its banking is 9 degrees in the corners

How can I get tickets to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Tickets for the Cup series NASCAR Races and other NASCAR races can be purchased online at the speedway’s website or by calling the ticket office.

Can you Camp or bring an RV to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Yes, you can camp or bring an RV to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Camping and RV spots can be reserved through the Speedways Website, there are also spots for RVs but they need self contained waste systems.

Indy 500 Weekends sell out quickly, just as a warning.

What are the Rules for Bringing a Pet to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Pets are not allowed in the grandstands, but they are allowed in the camping areas. as long as not infield. All pets must be on a leash at all times. Service animals are permitted.

Indiana track facts

What is the Phone Number for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The phone number for the speedway is (317) 492-8500

What Food and Drink Concessions Do They have at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a wide variety of food and drink concessions. Some of the options include hot dogs, hamburgers, pit boss grills, pizza, tacos, chicken, sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, beer, and wine. . You can bring your own food, beer and drinks too. Just make sure your cooler is 18x14x14 and soft sided, see below.

Can you bring Coolers to Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Coolers are allowed to be taken into Indianapolis Motor Speedway and they can be soft or hard sided (we have an article on the details here) and you can bring food and drinks inside the speedway. You are allowed to bring your own beer also, just don’t bring glass bottles. Coolers should be 18″ x 14″ x14″ inches.

you are also allowed to bring your own beers.

See the article above for what style you are allowed.

Do you need Seat Cushions At Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

No, seat cushions are not required at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, they are allowed and we have details on the best ones here.

Is There an Age Limit For Entering the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

There is no age limit for entering the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, children under the age of 12 the cup series races cost just 10 dollars ( call in advance though) and children under 12 can go to NASCAR Xfinity / Truck races as well for free! To buy alcohol you will need to have ID and be over 21.

We suggest ear protection for little ears though.

What is the Policy For Wheelchair users at Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair-accessible seating is available in grandstands. There is also parking assigned and golf carts to move around the site.

What Should I Bring To The Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Some items that you may want to bring to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway races include sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, binoculars, and comfortable shoes.

You can also bring a cooler ( special size see here) with your own food and drinks.

What Time Should I Arrive At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has events throughout the race days starting at around 9am, if you would like to see them then arrive before this time.

Arriving early also helps you avoid the queues if you are planning on getting food and drinks prior to the Green flag as well as enjoy the meet the drier and music experiences.


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