Circuit of the Americas? NASCAR Track Facts

Circuit of the Americas NASCAR Track Facts

The Circuit of the Americas is often the first Road track in the NASCAR Cup Series and the first chance, in 2022, we get to see the Next Gen Car take on a road track rather than an oval track. It is a relatively new track , especially when compared to the likes of Daytona or martinsville but has in its short life span had its far share of upsets and dramas although in NASCAR only since 2020.

Below we take a look at some of those and other facts that you probably don’t know about the first Road track of the season!

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So let’s take a look at the first road race of the season and learn a little more about the Circuit of the Americas.

Where is the Circuit of the Americas?

The Circuit of the Americas is located in Austin, Texas. It’s a brand new racetrack that opened in 2012. The track is 3.4 miles long and has 20 turns. It’s a world-class facility and it’s been called “the best racetrack in the world.”

The Circuit of the Americas has hosted some of the biggest races in motorsports, including the United States Grand Prix and the MotoGP World Championship.

What Type of Track is Circuit of the Americas?

The Circuit of the Americas is a 3.426-mile racetrack road course with 20 turns. It is one of the few road tracks used regularly in all the NASCAR series, Cup, Xfinity and Truck.

How many track configurations are at Circuit of the Americas?

There are two track configurations at Circuit of the Americas: The Grand Prix Circuit and the NAtional Circuit. The grand prix circuit is 3.426 miles long while the National Circuit is 2.3 miles long.

Does Circuit of the Americas Have Lights for Night Racing?

The Circuit of the Americas does not have lights suitable for night racing. However for racing cars fitted with headlights or their own lighting systems there are races held. However for NASCAR or F1 races there is not suitable lighting.

What are Some of the Biggest Races Held at Circuit of the Americas?

Some of the biggest events that have been held at Circuit of the Americas include the United States Grand Prix, the MotoGP World Championship, and the Lone Star Le Mans and NASCAR Cup Races. It is a very well sued racetrack!

How Many Laps are in a NASCAR Race at Circuit of the Americas?

The NASCAR Race – EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix – is 68 laps long, or 231 miles, however the speeds are slower than an Oval track so the race lasts for over 2 hours.

How Many Spectators can Attend Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas can accommodate up to 150,000 spectators and has multiple grandstands around its 3.4 mile long track. Unlike a traditional oval the road track has more space to house spectators.

When Was Circuit of the Americas Constructed?

Circuit of the Americas was constructed in 2012 and officially opened on October 21, 2012. When Mario Andretti completed the first laps around in a lotus 79 car. It also hosted a Grand Prix for the first time in 4 years at the track and broke the record for most fans ever at a grad prix weekend with 400,000 people attending.

How Much Did it Cost to Construct Circuit of the Americas?

Circuit of the Americas cost $400 million to construct and created jobs for 1700 construction workers.

When is the Circuit of the Americas NASCAR Race?

The Second Race that the NASCAR Cup Series will hold is on march 27th, 2022. The race is called the EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix.

What are the Lap Records at Circuit of the Americas?

With so many Motorsports using this iconic track we have put the information in a table to make it easier to read.

Who Owns Circuit of the Americas?

Circuit of the Americas is owned by Circuit of the Americas LLC


How Many NASCAR Circuit of the Americas winners have There Been

Well So far only one! Chase Elliot took the checkered flag on May 23rd, 2021.

Why Doesn’t IndyCar Race at Circuit of the Americas?

There is an agreement Opens in a new tab.with Texas Motor Speedway that seems to be a sticking point. However it is hoped that this can be resolved and that COTA will again see an IndyCar race on its track.

What Fatalities have there been at Circuit of the Americas?

Fortunately, despite the wide range of motorsports hosted at the Circuit of the Americas there have been no fatalities at the racetrack. There was one just outside Opens in a new tab.involving a truck but it was nothing to do with racing.

What Video Games have featured the Circuit of the Americas

Well i know for a fact that NASCAR heat 5 has the COTA track on it as i just came fourth, however it also makes an appearance in F1 games, MotoGp and Iracing simulations as well. So you can race it as seriously as you wish!

Can you Tour the Circuit of the Americas

Yes, you can tour the Circuit of the AmericasOpens in a new tab.. You can also go kart around it and even get on a push bike and cycle around the 3.4 mile long track as well. A much more sedate way of seeing the track compared to a race car driver!

They also have an amusement park for the children with rides and games.

Can you Camp or bring an RV to the Circuit of the Americas

Yes, you can camp or bring an RV to the Circuit of the Americas. They have power outlets, wifi and even a swimming pool! Its one of the better Camping and RV raceday places to camp. you can find out more information here.

Can you take coolers to Circuit of the Americas on Race days?

Coolers or Ice chests are not allowed at motor sports events at the Circuit of the Americas during motor sports events. They sometimes have leeway on this rule for other events at the track though.

Does the Circuit of the Americas have Wifi?

yes in some areas of the complex there are wifi hotspots, but be aware there are reports that it is not the best and not available in other areas. So better make sure your phone data is enough!

What Food and Drink Concessions Do They have at Circuit of the Americas

The exact make up of the Food and drink options will depend on the size and type of event being help, however they are very likely to have a large range from the following on NASCAR race days.

  • Pizza
  • BBQ
  • Tex-Mex
  • Turkish wraps and Kebabs
  • Thai
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • as well as soft drinks, beer and cocktails.

They also have drinking water around the grandstands as well.

Do you need Seat Cushions At Circuit of the Americas?

This will depend on the individual, however being a relatively new track the seating is not too bad. if you are looking for seating options you can check out our article below.


Hopefully that has given you a little more background on this excellent road course. it is great to see NASCAR race on the tight and large ovals, but personally i love to see them take on a road course and see who has mastered turning right as well as left!

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