What Are the Best Seats for a NASCAR Race?

In the dark and socially distanced days of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a dwindling number of sporting events for anyone to see. NASCAR, on the other hand, managed a pretty decent showing despite everything, even while not perfect. The ability of NASCAR to keep going meant that one positive result of the pandemic was a new and growing group of emerging fans who now want to go to any NASCAR event that they can.

The best seats for NASCAR depend on what you seek from the race. Options range from the high-thrill front stretch and turn areas to the expansive view of the high grandstands. For a top-tier experience, consider VIP suites, while newbies may prefer general admission to explore different perspectives.

With seemingly more people than ever looking for tickets to events, an important question to master is which of the many, many seats are the best ones for fans to choose? The Bristol Motor Speedway, for example, has a staggering grandstand capacity of 150,000. Where should fans be going? This is a question we want to answer in today’s article.

What Are the Best Seats for a NASCAR Race
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What Are the Best Seats for a NASCAR Race?

The best seats really depend on what you want from a race. Seats in the frontstretch near the start/finish line are generally the most sought after because they are where the most exciting moments are generally witnessed.

Alternatively, you might prefer the high grandstands for a better view overall, or the low grandstands for a look at the action close up. There is also the frontstretch by the turns, which is another sought-after action spot…and the list goes on.

Ultimately, fans of different kinds will get more benefit from different kinds of seats. Therefore, we’ve prepared a short guide below to help fans of all kinds get the seats that they will love the most. After all, what is “best” at a NASCAR race really is a matter of subjective opinion and perspective.

How to Choose the Best NASCAR Seats

Broadly speaking, there are six main categories of ticket that are up for consideration here. They are:

  • Frontstretch – Near to the start/finish line
  • High Grandstands
  • Low Grandstands
  • Frontstretch – Near to the turns
  • General Admission
  • Garage Pass

Let’s look at each of these in turn and see what they have to offer fans:

Most Exciting – Frontstretch: Near to the Start/Finish Line

As we mentioned above, these are invariably the most sought-after tickets of all, and therefore are typically the most expensive. However, the benefit of sitting in these seats is that you get an excellent view of the opening and closing moments of each stage of the race, which are invariably the most exciting.

What’s more, now that NASCAR races are divided into stages, you get multiple starts and finishes to enjoy in a single race.

The frontstretch seats near the start/finish line also offer an excellent general view of the track, especially at an oval track and when seated fairly high. You get a great combination of commanding views with tension and action. It’s no wonder that these seats are so in demand.

Best View – High Grandstands

For those who simply want the best view of the track from any point, the high grandstand seats are best. You don’t get so close to the action on the ground, but for some that’s actually a benefit rather than a problem.

The positive trade-off for missing the action up close is a wider and more comprehensive view of the track and what’s going on. If there are sudden or shocking moments on different parts of the track, you’re more likely to see them when you’re in the high grandstand seats.

Best Budget Option – Low Grandstands

If you’re heading to a NASCAR race but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, then the best option is usually the low grandstand seats, especially away from the start/finish lines and not on the turns.

These are typically the cheapest and most available tickets, so you get a good-value experience at the track. On top of that, an added bonus is being able to see the cars and drivers up close as they whizz by at speeds of up to 200-mph.

If you like to get up close and personal with what’s going on, then the low grandstand seats really are the best. If and when there is some crazy action like a collision or a dangerous and daring maneuver in your section, you’ll have a fantastic view. Some downsides can be that it’s hotter on the low grandstand seats, and the noise can feel more intense.

What Are the Best Seats for a NASCAR Race
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Best Action – Frontstretch – Near to the Turns

The start/finish line seats on the frontstretch are arguably the best for the exciting starting and finishing moments, but for raw, high-speed action, collisions, and more, the best seats are definitely found close to the turns, and most specifically the first turn of an oval track.

The cars are typically going at their absolute fastest when hitting this first corner, and it’s where a lot of the most incredible and risky driving takes place as drivers vie for position.

Best for Newcomers – General Admission

As we said in the introduction, there are a lot of new and first-time arrivals at NASCAR tracks this season and last. Those who lack the experience often like a ticket that allows them to explore the track more openly, and that’s what a general admission ticket does.

You get access to a number of different viewing areas and can go to them as and when you like to see different parts of the races. It should be noted, however, that these tickets are most commonly sold for road courses.

This is because a road course is larger and more complex than a typical oval track, which means it’s harder to get a gauge on what’s going on more broadly in the race, even if you’re seated in the high grandstands.

Best for Gearheads – Garage Pass

A final addition to our list is the Garage Pass, also known by some as a Hot Pass. This is not exactly a “ticket” in that it doesn’t give you a regular seat in the grandstands. It’s a bit like a backstage pass at a concert, so you have to buy it in conjunction with a regular ticket.

If you’re a real gearhead, however, and you just love everything about these cars and their mechanics, then you need a Garage Pass.

The pass allows you access to the garage areas where teams are preparing for the race. You can see up close how the teams prepare and operate together, and gain some amazing insight into how everything works. It’s an addition to a regular ticket that the real NASCAR fans would never pass up on.

What Are the Best Seats for a NASCAR Race
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NASCAR Seating Advice

VIP Suites and Hospitality Packages

When it comes to choosing the best seats for a NASCAR race, VIP Suites and Hospitality Packages can provide an unparalleled experience. These premium options provide an elevated viewing platform, luxury amenities, gourmet food, and sometimes, access to driver appearances.

While they come with a higher price tag, the panoramic views and extra comfort make them a coveted choice.

So, if you’re seeking a top-tier experience, remember, the best seats for NASCAR aren’t always found in the stands—they could be in a plush VIP suite with a bird’s-eye view of the track.

Accessibility Considerations

Ensuring all fans can enjoy the high-speed thrills, NASCAR racetracks are well-equipped with accessible seating options. For those with mobility impairments or other disabilities, some of the best seats for NASCAR races are found in designated accessible seating areas.

These areas often provide excellent sightlines, extra space, and convenient access to amenities. Remember, everyone should be able to enjoy the roar of the engines and the cheers of the crowd, so don’t overlook these spots when seeking the best seats.

Family-Friendly Seating Options

Taking the family to a NASCAR race? Finding the best seats for NASCAR requires a different approach. Family-friendly seating options are often in quieter sections away from the loudest parts of the track.

These areas typically have easy access to restrooms, food, and activities for children, and may even have noise control measures in place. If you want your family’s NASCAR experience to be memorable and comfortable, these are definitely the best seats to consider.

Seat Selection Based on Weather Conditions

NASCAR races take place in a variety of weather conditions, making seat selection crucial. The best seats for NASCAR races can vary depending on the forecast.

For example, covered seats or those in shaded areas are a godsend during hot, sunny days, offering respite from the heat while maintaining a great view of the action.

On cooler days, seats that are exposed to the sun can keep you warm and snug. Consider the weather when choosing your seat, as the right choice can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the race.

Viewing Experience Based on Track Layouts

NASCAR races take place on a variety of track layouts, from ovals to road courses. The best seats for NASCAR can often be dictated by these layouts.

  • On an oval track, seats near the turns offer fantastic views of high-speed maneuvers and potential overtakes.
  • For road courses, with their complex twists and turns, seats at key corners or high grandstands offer the best perspective.

By understanding the nuances of each track’s layout, fans can ensure they secure the best seats to fully immerse themselves in the racing action.

Camera-Ready Spots

For photography enthusiasts, the best seats for NASCAR races are the ones that offer picture-perfect views. High grandstands provide an expansive view of the track, making them ideal for wide shots that capture the whole field of action.

Seats near the turns, on the other hand, are perfect for snapping high-speed close-ups, especially during the heart-stopping overtakes. Lastly, don’t overlook the pit lane and start/finish line – they offer unique opportunities to capture pit crew action and the jubilation of victory.

Whichever spot you choose, don’t forget your camera, as the best seats for NASCAR also provide the best shots!

Tips on Scoring the Best Seats

The best seats for NASCAR races are often in high demand. Scoring these requires careful planning and prompt action.

  • Early birds usually get their pick of the best spots, so it’s wise to book as soon as tickets go on sale.
  • Additionally, joining fan clubs or subscribing to email lists can grant you early access or discounts.
  • It’s also worth exploring resellers or package deals, as these can sometimes offer great seats at competitive prices.

if you are planning on going to a NASCAR race then we have some tips for you on what to take here on the site and links are found below.


When it comes to NASCAR races, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for the best seats. The choice depends on personal preferences, from those seeking the adrenaline rush of high-speed turns to others who prioritize a panoramic view of the entire track.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a newcomer, a family, or a hardcore gearhead, each seat offers a unique perspective of the action.

Always remember to consider weather conditions and accessibility requirements when making your choice. With careful consideration, you can secure a seat that transforms your NASCAR experience from good to unforgettable.


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