36 Facts about Harrison Burton You Didn’t Know

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If you have been following Xfinity at all in the last couple of years there have been a few drivers you would have seen that were clearly going to make the jump up to the NASCAR cup series sooner rather than later. One of these is Harrison Burton.

Plenty is being written about the 2022 Rookie of the year contender, but being so new there is still plenty to learn in his first full time season in the top levels.

We have some of the less well known facts about Harrison Burton you probably didn’t know, so you can impress your friends as you watch him in his first full season.

Like as I’m sure you know most professional racing drivers start from a very young age, 6,7,or 9 years old and they can be found in carts or Bandoleros. How about from the age of 2 years old though…. that’s when Harrison Burton started racing about same age i was starting to walk properly!!!

Which is why he drives for NASCAR and i just write about it here. Let’s learn some more about him below.

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Things you Didn’t Know about Harrison Burton.

Well hopefully some things you didn’t know, but there is certainly should be some facts about Harrison Burton you were unaware of Unless of course it is actually Harrison Burton or his family reading this, in which case hi and good luck this year!!! if we missed or got anything incorrect please let us know we are happy to add or change as time moves on.  

Where was Harrison Burton Born?

Harrison Burton was born in Huntersville, In North Carolina on October the 9th, 2000.

Is Harrison Burton Married?

Burton is not yet married.

Who Are Harrison Burton’s Parents?

Harrison Burton is the son of former NASCAR driver Jeff Burton, and his Mom who was involved with Pro Sports Marketing and according to LinkedIn is CFO at Jeff burton Motorsports she is also Executive Vice President at HB&M Sports. He is also the nephew of Ward Burton another former NASCAR driver and the cousin of Jeb Burton who drives for Our Motorsports in the Xfinity Series.

Another motorsporting family in NASCAR!

Does Harrison Burton Have Children?

No, Harrison Burton does not have any children yet.

Where Does Harrison Burton Live?

Like so many NASCAR drivers, according to Virtual Globetrotting.com,Opens in a new tab. Burton lives in North Carolina, it is close and convenient for so many teams.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Harrison Burton Driven For?

THis is Harrison Burton’s first full time season in NASCAR and he will be driving the number 21 car for Wood Brothers Racing. He has one start previously to this at Talladega where he drove for Gaunt brothers racing in the number 96 Toyota

What Music Does Harrison Burton Listen To?

Harrison Burton likes to listen to old school music like Queen and The Animals. he has said if asked to do karaoke he would do bohemian rhapsody. I hope he is good at singing as it is 6 minutes long!

How Many NASCAR Races Has Harrison Burton Won?

Harrison Burton has won the following across all NASCAR series.

Table 1 – Harrison Burton Winning statistics

Nascar SeriesNumber of racesWinsTop TensPole Position
up to 11 Feb 2022.

Harrison is in his rookie season at the time of writing ( 6 days before the Daytona opener 2022) so we are sure as the season progresses we will be adding numbers to this table! However 49 top ten finishes is 75 races in Xfinity is an awesome record and easily justifies the step up to the cup series.

He was performing well in his first Daytona 500 on February 20th 2022, when he was pushed a little to aggressively and flipped onto his roof, ending up on all four tires though. Quite a welcome to the Cup Series!

What Number Car Does Harrison Burton Drive?

Harrison Burton drives the legendary Wood brothers Racing Ford number 21 car.

What Is Harrison Burton’s Height and Weight?

We read vastly different reports on this so don’t want to give an answer till we can check it properly.

When is Harrison Burton’s Birthday?

Burton was born on the 9th October, 2000 in Huntersville, North Carolina

What is Harrison Burton’s Zodiac Sign?

As Harrison was born on the 8th of October his Zodiac sign is Libra. Libra are born between September 22 and October 23.

Has Harrison Burton Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Harrison won the rookie of the year for the Xfinity series in the 2020 season. He beat out Riley Herbst, Myatt Snider, Jesse Little, Joe Graf Jr., Kody Vanderwal in pretty much 2 horse race between himself and Riley Herbst.

He has a good chance this year but is up against Austin Cindric who has won the Xfinity Series in 2020 and was runner up in 2021. It should be an interesting rookie season for both of them.

Harrison Burton’s Favorite Movie?

Always a difficult one to answer, as it can change! However, a nice answer when Harrison Burton said his favourite movie was Saving Private Ryan as he watched it with his Grandpa and it made a lot of memories.

Who is Harrison Burton’s favorite driver?

Well it may have changed since 2017 when he was asked the question, but back then he said Clint Boywer as he is a funny guy.

Where Did Harrison Burton Go To School?

Harrison was raised in North Carolina and attended the Concord school.

Does Harrison Burton Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Harrison Burton has an older sister called Paige Burton.

What Role Did ‘Harrison Burtons Family Play In Harrison’s Career?

His family have played a huge role in developing Harrisons career. From buying him his first Cart at the age of 2, to helping him through the Karting phase and into the K&N series. Having a former NASCAR Driver as a father, Uncle and current Cousin definitely helped with tips and advice we are sure!

He has a lot of family support which in a sport as touch as stock car racing is invaluable both on and off the track.

At What Age Did Harrison Burton Begin Motor Racing?

Harrison Burton received a go kart at the age of 2 and a quarter midget when he was four years old. However, competitively he started to race a few years later and won his first late model race when he was 14 years old.

Things moved pretty fast from that point, and he was the youngest driver to start a race in the K&N Pro series East at 15 years old. At 16 years old ( due to NASCAR rules) he started racing for Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Camping World Truck series. He moved to Xfinity in 2019 with Joe Gibbs Racing driving the Number 18 Toyota Supra.

Did Harrison Burton Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Harrison Burton did compete in the truck series in NASCAR, he has 38 races in four years and although has not managed to win one (yet) he has had a pole position and an impressive 18 top ten finishes in those races. He raced for Kyle Busch Motorsports in hsi first drive.

Did Harrison Burton Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Harrison Burton was very successful in Xfinity scoring 4 wins and 49 top ten finishes in Xfinity over 75 races. He has now moved up to the Cup Series with Wood Brothers Racing driving their number 21 Mustang.

When Was Harrison Burton’s First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Harrison Burton made his NASCAR Cup Series debut at the Talladega Superspeedway ( quite an introduction!) The race, the GEICO 500, was on April 25, 2021. He said it was a dream come true. Opens in a new tab. At the Clash at the Coliseum in Los Angeles in only his second NASCAR Cup Race, Harrison showed some of his potential by racing up from a 22nd place start to a 12th place finish.

When Did Harrison Burton Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

2022 is Harrison’s first full season in the Cup Series of NASCAR, so he hasn’t had great deal of chances to race, let alone win as of yet. However, we don;t think it will be too long till we see him taking victory lane.

What State Is Harrison Burton From?

Harrison Burton is from North Carolina born and raised!

What Records Does Harrison Burton Have in NASCAR

Record BrokenDetails
2020 Rookie of the year in the Xfinity SeriesBeating Riley Herbst
2017 NASCAR k&N Pro Series championHe was the youngest driver to start a race in the series

Does Harrison Burton Like Any Other Sports?

Harrison Burton has been learning MMA, he finds it helps concentration when he is tired on the track as well as off it.

“I’ve found it’s more similar to racing than I thought it would be because you’re tired, you’re focusing on things that are happening really quick” he said. Opens in a new tab.

He also said he learnt a lot from playing lacrosse in High School. He says that team sports teach you a lot, especially dealing with adversity.

He also enjoys Hunting, and trying to get into bow hunting in the off season.

What is Harrison Burton’s favorite Color?

Harrison’s favourite color is red.

What is Harrison Burton’s favorite Sports team?

Harrison’s favourite sports team are the Carolina Panthers in the NFL.

Does Harrison Burton Work Out to Stay Fit?

Like all NASCAR Drivers Harrison uses the Gym to make sure he is in shape for the demands of 500 mile races across the season. Though it’s not his favorite activity.

What is Harrison Burton’s Full Name?

Harrison Burton’s full name is Harrison Brian Burton.

What Is Harrison Burton’s Favorite Food?

Not 100% on Harrison Burton’s absolute favourite but he would choose Pizza, over Sushi (so would we) and pepperoni on the Pizza. His favorite fast food joint is Taco Bell however

What is Harrison Burton’s Favourite Race Track?

Harrison Burton admits that his favourite track can change depending on where he raced well at recently! However he likes the racing at phoenix as its exhilarating, and he has said that phoenix is his favourite previously. If he wins there then Phoenix will become his new semi-permanent favourite!

He also love “ripping up the wall” at Homestead-Miami and at Darlington Raceway as well! See, it can change!!

What is Harrison Burton’s Favourite Vacation place?

Harrison chooses the Bahamas as his favorite vacation spot.

Does Harrison Burton Like Video Games?

Harrison Burton does like Video Games, and back a few years ago was playing call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox the original one, which actually after playing the new ones we can see why. We much prefer them as well. However, Harrison, If you are playing Call of Duty Vanguard then look use up! We need all the help and quick reactions we can get!

What Are The Odds on Harrison Burton Winning the Nascar Championship in 2022

Well these are liable to change, but at the moment of writing (1 weeks before the start) Burton is an outside bet to win the whole championship at the moment at +25000. Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, and Denny Hamlin are favourites. Might be worth 50 bucks!

Does Harrison Burton Have a Pet?

Harrison has a new Golden Retriever Puppy called Remy as he starts his first full time season in the NASCAR Cup series.


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. Harrison Burton is just starting his NASCAR career proper this season and we are sure it’s going to be the start of an exception career. he is one of the driers we are shouting for this year.





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