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Ross Chastain has had a great 2022 season so far, 2 wins, 7 top tens (up till Dover in May) and if it wasn’t for issues at Daytona and bristol which put him in 40th and 33rd place respectively there is a high chance he would be top of the leaderboard. Currently just before the Darlington race, he is in 4th .

He is not from a racing background, unlike many other drivers, although his father did hobby race which is what sparked Ross’s interest in the sport, and actually is has very strong farming and agriculture roots, of which he is fiercely proud. His Antics when winning include smashing a watermelon down onto the track and have earned him the nickname Watermelon Man. A name he embraces!

Below we have over 40 facts about the “Watermelon Man” and his NASCAR journey so far.

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Things you Didn’t Know about Ross Chastain.

We have a list of the commonly known and some of the lesser known facts about Ross Chastain in the article below. It looks like 2022 is going to be a breakout year for this young driver and its good to know a little more about this future star!

Ross Chastain and Martinsville October 30th, 2022.

On the 30th of October 2022, ( i was watching on the 31st October a particularly suitable date, (when i was watching it) Ross Chastain catapulted himself and the Trackhouse team into the final 4 for the Playoffs with a move that almost defies explaining. He need a 5th place to secure his place in the NASCAR championship playoffs in the penultimate race of the season at Martinsville Speedway. on the last lap, and on the last corner he was sitting in 10th. He went round the outside of the track passing 5 cars, and taking 5th right at the line.

To do this he pulled off what has been called a Video Game move and stayed on the throttle for the entire corner bouncing off the wall at incredible speeds and breaking the fastest ever lap at Martinsville by over 2 seconds! You can watch different views of this on the video below. It REALLY has to be seen to believed.

At time of writing is unknown if NASCAR will change rules going forward, but for the moment lets just enjoy the balls of steel move in all its glory. The Chastain Entertain in the Outside lane!

What Is Ross Chastain’s Net Worth?

Ross Chastain’s two wins in 2022 will have added to his NET worth considerably this year we are sure, as well as his contract with TrackHouse racing. However the current estimates for Ross Chastain’s Net worth is between 1.5 and 5 million US dollars,

However his busy racing schedule in Truck and Cup series is going to add to this considerably, and if he can get a few more victories under his belt in 2022 he could be jumping up the high earning NASCAR drivers list considerably.

Ross Chastain Facts you never knew
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Where was Ross Chastain Born?

Ross Chastain was born in Alva, in the state of Florida, United States.

Why do they call Ross Chastain Watermelon Man?

Some drivers punch the air, Some drivers backflip from the car and one driver smashes a watermelon if they win.

Ross Chastain has earned the nickname the Watermelon Man in with NASCAR drivers and fans due to his unusual way of celebrating a win. He Takes a watermelon, raises above his head and smashes from the top of the racecar onto the race track. The celebration has a little history, and with the 2 wins he had in 2022 it may not be too long till we see more of this unique celebration.

There is some history to this celebration, he is an 8th generation watermelon farmer, and grew up on a water melon farm. His family are not racers. The families watermelon company is called JDI farms and his brother and father still manage it.

With Ross Chastain’s results on the racetrack so far it’s probably a good job his family own the watermelon farm as it looks like they may need a few more at NASCAR tracks iOpens in a new tab.n the coming months and years.

Is Ross Chastain Married?

Ross Chastain is not married, and there is limited information on his romantic attachments, fair enough really not many people what their relationships in the public eye. However if you like watermelons and racing… he does appear to be single at the moment!

Who Are Ross Chastain’s Parents?

Ross Chastain father runs JDI farms a watermelon farm in Florida. He does so according to melon1 website,Opens in a new tab. with his son Chad Chastain and his brother in Law Doug Miller. however Ross the older brother is a NASCAR Cup series driver, and Chad his younger son seems to be following in the footsteps of his older brother and has become a professional racing car driver as well.

So there might be some vacancies there now !

Does Ross Chastain Have Children?

No Ross Chastain does not have any children, currently he is thought to be single.

Where Does Ross Chastain Live?

Ross Chastain stays close to his results and is thought to have a house in Olga, Florida. His team, Trackhouse racing, is based in georgia, and its likely he spends a lot of time there as well and has a home in Mooresville, North Carolina.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Ross Chastain Driven For?

Ross Chastain Currently successfully drives for the Trackhouse racing team, and previously in 2021 driver for Chip Ganassi, in 2020 he had starts for Roush Fenway racing and Spire Motorsports and for 3 years had races in the cup series with premium Motorsports.

What is Ross Chastain’s favorite music?

As Trackhouse racing team is part owned by the Music artist Pitbull, we have to guess that he says he likes that music! However, ever the Watermelon farmer, he says that his introduction music would have to be the “watermelon Crawl”

Although a loose connection his paint jobs on the car have included Nashville music City and the Country music awards, so maybe a bit of country is on those playlists as well and as admitted he likes “old country” which is country from the 90s ( is that old now!!?!)

Ross Chastain Facts you never knew
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How Many Races Has Ross Chastain Won?

Ross Chastain has won 7 Races across all NASCAR Divisions. He has won 2 NASCAR cup races. In NASCAR Xfinity Series he has won 2 times, and in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series he has won three times.

  • NASCAR Cup Wins: 2
  • NASCAR Xfinity Wins: 2
  • NASCAR Camping World Wins: 2

And the results keep improving, he still races in both Truck and infinity so those stats are going to change especially with the way Trackhouse is preparing the car this season.

What Number Car Does Ross Chastain Drive?

Ross Chastain drives the Track House Racing Teams Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE number 1 car. Prior to this he drove the Number 92 car for DGM racing in Xfinity, and the 41 for Niece Motorsports in the NASCAR Camping World Truck

What Is Ross Chastain’s Height and Weight?

Ross Chastain appears to be 5ft 10 Inches tall (1.78m) and we have no idea how much he weighs!

When is Ross Chastain’s Birthday?

Ross Chastain was born on the 4th December, 1994, in Alva, Florida

Does Ross Chastain race in Truck and Xfinity?

Ross Chastain does still race in all three of the national divisions of NASCASR, Cup, Xfinity and Truck. He is one of the busiest drivers in NASCAR.

What is Ross Chastain’s Zodiac Sign?

As Chastain was born on the 4th of December his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21. They are known for having loving travel and movement. So it fits his day job very well!! They are also known for their love of watermelons ( only joking)

Has Ross Chastain Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Running more than 7 races in 2018 made Ross Chastain eligible for rookies of the year though he didn’t declare for it. This was the same year as Bubba Wallace and William Byron, with Byron Winning the Rookie of the year for 2018.

Ross Chastain Facts you never knew
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Has Ross Chastain Been In Any Movies?

Although Ross Chastain has not been in any movies he has featured on Television many times form 2013 to 2021.

What Is Ross Chastain’s Religion?

Ross Chastain is a proud follower of the Christian faith, and although was unsure initially about talking about his faithOpens in a new tab. has opened up more recently and reads the bible.

Where Did Ross Chastain Go To School?

Ross Chastain graduated from Riverdale High School in Fort Myers, and went on to Florida gulf coast university for a short while before joining the Camping world truck series.

Does Ross Chastain Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Ross Chastain has a younger brother called Chad Chastain who is starting his racing career and is 23 years old.

At What Age Did Ross Chastain Begin Racing?

Ross Chastain started racing at 12 years old, after watching his fathers’ hobby racing. He raced late model and Fast Truck,

Did Ross Chastain Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Ross Chastain started competing in the Camping World nASCAR Truck Series in 2011 and has raced ever since. He has 3 wins and 42 top ten finishes. His best finish in The Truck Championship is 2nd in 2019.

Did Ross Chastain Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Ross Chastain started racing in the Xfinity NASCAR series in 2104 at Charlotte, and has scored 2 wins, and 47 top ten finishes. His best championship performance in Xfinity is 7th in 2020.

When Was Ross Chastain’s First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Ross Chastain made his Sprint Cup Series debut at Dover Motor Speedway in 2017 where he came in 20th place.

When Did Ross Chastain Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

Ross Chastain recorded his first NASCAR cup win on MArch 27th at the Texas Grand Prix and his second just 4 weeks later at Talladega in the Geico 500.

What State Is Ross Chastain From?

Ross Chastain is from Florida, where he comes from 12 generations of farmers, and 8 generations of watermelon farmers.

What Is Ross Chastain’s Salary?

Although this contradicts his net worth above it is understandably difficult to get details of salaries and income ( and fair) however is is thought in 2021 Ross Chastain’s contract was worth 2.1 million a year according to SalarysportOpens in a new tab.. Opens in a new tab.This was with Chip Ganassi racing. Trackhouse racing we are unsure.

What are Ross Chastain hobbies?

Ross Chastain likes to spend time with his family and friends when away from the racetrack and being outdoors.

What is Ross Chastain’s Full Name?

Although know as Ross Chastain or now watermelon man, his actual full name is Ross L. Chastain

What Is Ross Chastain’s Favorite Food?

Ross Chastain must like watermelons, he comes from 8 generations of watermelon farmers. Other than that we are not sure, seems every NASCAR driver likes Chicken Parm… so maybe that. he has mentioned he could go vegan for the no 1 pit spot for a month and eat salads, so he clearly likes his vegetables as well.

What is Ross Chastain’s Favourite Race Track?

We are not sure of Ross Chastain’s favourite Track but scoring his wins in both Texas and in Talladega have to have put them on the list of his favourite tracks.

What Are The Odds on Ross Chastain Winning the Nascar Championship in 2022

Well these are liable to change, but at the moment of writing ( 3 months in to the season) he is fourth favourite behind Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott and William byron, the highest non hendricks driver at +800. or 8 to 1. So if you put 100 dollars on him to win, you would get 800 back if it happened.


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. it has been a great fairy tale season for Ross Chastain so far, and here is hoping that his success continues both on and off the track.

He is certainly off to a flying start and in a relatively new team it’s an incredible testament to both his driving skill and the team work in the Trackhouse team.

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