44 Interesting Facts about Bubba Wallace You Never Knew

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Although there is plenty we do know about William Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr, from his 2nd place at Daytona, his first win at Talladega and his advocacy work. There is still plenty we don’t know about the former K&N rookie of the year winner. We will take a look at some of these below.

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Things you Didn’t Know about Bubba Wallace.

Well maybe, but there is certainly something you didn’t know below! Unless of course it is actually Bubba Wallace or his family reading this, in which case hi!!! if we missed or got anything incorrect please let us know we are happy to add or change as time moves on.  

What Is Bubba Wallace’s Net Worth?

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com Bubba Wallace has a net worth of approximately 3 million dollars.

However with brands like DoorDash, McDonald’s, Columbia Sportswear and Root Insurance sponsoring him there will be endorsements and licensing income to add on top of that.

Bubba Wallace is the Second African American NASCAR Driver.

He joined Wendell Scott as only the second full time African American NASCAR driver in the sports history and the first in 58 years to win when he claimed the flag at Talladega in 2021. This was well reported,

Where was Bubba Wallace Born?

Bubba Wallace was born in Mobile, In Alabama on October the 8th, 1993. He was raised in Concord North Carolina. This seems to be quite common with NASCAR drivers!

Is Bubba Wallace Married?

Wallace is not yet married, however he became engaged to his long time partner Amanda carter in July 2021. They have been together for over five years.

How Did Bubba Wallace get his Nickname?

Although everyone knows him as “Bubba” his full name is William Darrell Wallace Junior. His sister started called him Bubba, which is a slang term for brother in the Southern states, and he has been known as Bubba Wallace ever since.

What Religion in Bubba Wallace?

Bubba wallace has confirmed that he is Christian.

Who Are Bubba Wallace’s Parents?

Bubba Wallaces Parents are Darrell Wallace Sr. who owns an industrial cleanign company and Desiree is a socail worker.

They have both supported his racing career from a Young age and his dad was his first sponsor. Although His mom did have some doubts about his joking the ranks of NASCAR due to safety and lack of diversity.

However, once he started at the age of nine the wheels were in Motion (ha!) His father was also the one who introduced Bubba to motorsport with go karts and bandolero racing. His parents were also supporting his sister Brittany with her love of Basketball, as Desiree said to BlavityOpens in a new tab. “By the time Bub got into racing when he was 9-years-old, my daughter was already established in basketball with AAU.

having his Mom in his corner certaining means a lot “It’s great to have her at the racetrack,” he said.Opens in a new tab. “When she is there, she is my biggest fan and that’s special to have.”

Another sporting family in NASCAR!

Does Bubba Wallace Have Children?

No, Bubba Wallace does not have any children yet.

Where Does Bubba Wallace Live?

Like so many NASCAR drivers, according to Virtual Globetrotting.com,Opens in a new tab. Wallace lives in Concord, North Carolina, it is close and convenient for so many teams.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Bubba Wallace Driven For?

Bubba has driven for 2 cup teams. He currently drives for 23XI co owned by Michael Jorden and Denny Hamlin, and previously drove the legendary 43 car for Richard Petty Motorsports.

What Music Does Bubba Wallace Listen To?

Bubba Wallace, and his good friend have a liking of metalcore. ( we had to google this as well) Which is, wikipedia here, “fusion of metal, hardcore punk”

Not exactly easy listening!

How Many Races Has Bubba Wallace Won?

Bubba Wallace has won the following across all NASCAR series.

Table 1 – Bubba Wallace Winning statistics

Nascar SeriesNumber of racesWinsTop TensPole Position
up to 11 Feb 2022.

As you can see Bubba Wallace has had the most success in truck racing, however the 23XI team now has two drivers with Kurt Busch joining, so it might just be he has a little more help out on the track this coming year (2022)

His 2022 has started really well, Bubba Wallace came in second in the Daytona 500 by just a half a car length from Austin Cindric

What Number Car Does Bubba Wallace Drive?

Bubba drives the 23Xi Toyota Camry number 23 car. Prior to this he drove the legendary Number 43 car (Chevrolet) for Richard Petty Motorsports from 2018 to 2020

When was Bubba Wallace’s First Cup Series Win?

The first win for Bubba took a little time, he won towards the end of the 2021 season at Talladega Superspeedway in the Yellawood 500. Hopefully it will kick start more wins for him and the 23XI team.

What Is Bubba Wallace’s Height and Weight?

Although many sites have Bubba Wallace’s height at 5ft 6 Inches tall (1.67m) we find this difficult to believe as in all hsi photos he looks much taller, they also have his weight at 160 lb (75kg)

When is Bubba Wallace’s Birthday?

Wallace was born on the 8th October, 1993 in Mobile, Alabama

What is Bubba Wallace’s Zodiac Sign?

As Bubba was born on the 8th of October his Zodiac sign is Libra. Libra are born between September 22 and October 23.

Has Bubba Wallace Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Although Bubba missed out on being Rookie of the year to William Byron He did have the highest finish at Daytona of any full time Rookie in their first season when he placed second at the Daytona 500 in 2018.

He has won the rookie of the year award in the K&N Series however making him the first African American to do so. He missed out to Daniel Suarez in 2015 by one top ten finish in the Xfinity Series.

Has Bubba Wallace Been In Any Movies?

Yes, Although as a voice actor, he voiced the character Bubba Wheelhouse in Cars 3. He has also appeared in music videos with Denny Hamlin and was in a facebook watch show called behind the wall – Bubba Wallace.

Where Did Bubba Wallace Go To School?

Although born in Alabama, Bubba was raised in North Carolina and attended Northwest Cabarrus High School.

Does Bubba Wallace Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Bubba Wallace has a younger sister, Brittany.

What Role Did Bubba Wallace’s Family Play In Bubba’s Career?

His family have played a huge role in developing Bubba’s career. his father was the one who introduced him to motor racing at the age of nine in Bandoleros and legends racing, his Mom and Sister have always been supportive of his racing, and his Dad was his first sponsor!

At What Age Did Bubba Wallace Begin Motor Racing?

Bubba wallace started racing before the age of nine. He raced in the Bandolero ( like a mini Stock Car) and Legends Car racing series. He actually won 35 or the 48 races in 2005 when he was 12!

Did Bubba Wallace Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Wallace started competing in the Camping World truck Series in 2013 and still races occasionally. His best finish was 3rd place overall in 2013 and he has 6 wins and 28 top ten places in 49 races.

Did Bubba Wallace Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Bubba Wallace has yet to win an Xfinity race, however from his 86 races so far he has placed top ten 36 times. He started in 2015 and his best finish to date is 7th.

When Was Bubba Wallace’s First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Bubba Wallace made his NASCAR Cup Series debut at the the tricky triangle at the 2017 Axalta Pocono 400 on June 11th 2017.

When Did Bubba Wallace Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

Bubba Wallace recorded his first NASCAR cup win on October 4th 2021 at the Talladega Superspeedway. it accompanies 12 top ten finishes as well.

What State Is Bubba Wallace From?

Bubba Wallace is from Alabama, although he and his family moved to North Carolina when he was young.

What Records Does Bubba Wallace Have in NASCAR

Record BrokenDetails
Highest finish by a fulltime rookie in Daytona 500Bubba finished second in his rookie season behind Austin Dillon
Youngest Driver to win at Franklin County SpeedwayBubba was just 15 years old when he won here.

What Is Bubba Wallace’s Salary?

According to essentially sports Wallace’s salary is 2,200,000 USD a year, however there are endorsements, bonuses and other licensing agreements that are likely to add up to a million dollars a year on top of that.

Does Bubba Wallace Like Any Other Sports?

Bubba likes outdoor sports, and even asked his fiance to marry him while out hiking, luckily she said yes other wise it would have been a long walk back! He also chooses Alaska over Hawaii for vacations as the skiing is better and likely due to his sister enjoys basketball as well.

Although not a sport, well most of it, be also enjoys playing Video games and Photography

Does Bubba Wallace Own A Private Jet?

Not to our knowledge, at least not yet. However he has taken a flight in an F 15E Fighter jetOpens in a new tab.! Which is faster than any other NASCAR drivers jet by far! .

Does Bubba Wallace Work Out to Stay Fit?

Bubba works on Cardio, Core Strength, endurance training and then more cardio! and he values his sleep especially after the exertions of a race day. Recovery is just as important as preparation especially when these races can come around so quickly.

What is Bubba Wallace’s Full Name?

Although know as Bubba Wallace, his actual full name is William Darrell Wallace Jr. Darrell is his fathers’ name.

Does Bubba Wallace have any Phobias?

Bubba says he is terrified of spiders. Which would be arachnophobia.

What Is Bubba Wallace’s Favorite Food?

Bubbas favorite food is Japanese food, so bring Sushi! however he its unlikely he will prepare it for you as he says he rarely cooks, maybe just a bowl of fruit loops cereal! Which are his favorite. Opens in a new tab.

What is Bubba Wallace’s Favourite Movie

He has mentioned that he would like Kevin Hart in the car if NASCAR carried passengers, mainly for entertain purposes but we imagine he is a fan of his movies as well. He does however say he watches too many scary movies as well. He appears to liek the friday series of movies with Ice Cube as well.

When Growing up he says he liked to watch Tom and Jerry.

What is Bubba Wallace’s Favourite TV Show?

Bubba has said previously he liked to watch botched with his then partner. We are not sure which ones are currently on his Netflix list.

What is Bubba Wallace’s Favourite Race Track?

One of Wallace’s favourite NASCAR tracks is unsurprisingly where he got his first win on. The Talladega Superspeedway. Though if he can improve on that 2nd place at Daytona then it may have some competition.

Bubba Wallace Has Had Two Legendary Numbers on his Cars

Although he now drives the number 23 for the 23XI Racing Team, and previously he drove the 43 car for Richard Petty Motorsports team. Both these numbers hold special significance. The number 43 was the “King” Richard Petty’s number throughout his illustrious career in NASCAR, and the number 23 was worn by Michael Jordan throughout his Basketball Career.

Does Bubba Wallace Like Video Games?

Bubba does play Xbox, just don’t ask about E-Racing competitions! He has played Dirt 3, and NASCAR 14Opens in a new tab. in the past!

Who are Bubba Wallace’s Favourite NASCAR Drivers

Growing up his family were shouting for Dale Earnhardt Sr. and he grew up to watch him race. Hopefully some of earnhardts success can come his way as well. He also has praised Chase Elliott in recent years as fast and he certainly isn’t wrong there!

What Are The Odds on Bubba Wallace Winning the Nascar Championship in 2022

Well these are liable to change, but at the moment of writing (1 weeks before the start) Bubba is an outside bet to win the whole championship at the moment at +10000. Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, and Denny Hamlin are favourites.

Does Bubba Wallace Give To Charity?

Bubba Wallace does give to charity and has even set up his own foundation to help – the Live to be Different FoundationOpens in a new tab. With a focus on education.

Does Bubba Wallace Have a Pet?

Bubba and his fiance have a pet dog. Its name is Asher, and is an Aussiedoodle. (we had to look that up…apparently an Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle)


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. Wallace is just starting his NASCAR career proper and we hope some of the success of the car numbers he has driven will rub off in the coming season and we see more of him in victory lane this coming season.


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