46 Interesting Facts about Joey Logano That You Never Knew

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Joey Logano has some incredible seasons in NASCAR. Winning the NASCAR Cup Series in 2018 being the pinnacle of his many achievements He has won Rookie of the year, been the Youngest to win, not only, a Nationwide race but also a cup series race as well. ,

He has opened the 2022 season with a good win, for the second time, at the Clash. this year held at the Los Angeles Coliseum for the first time. giving the perfect start for a push for the 2022 title.

Throughout his 14 years in NASCAR Logano has been a regular in Victory lane, seeing it 30 times with 240 top ten finishes, so there is plenty we do know about Joey Logano. However we scoured all our sources for some information you may not know.  So we did a little research to answer some of the questions not easily answerable and here are our 46 things you never knew about Joey Logano.

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Things you Didn’t Know about Joey Logano.

Well maybe, but there is certainly something you didn’t know below! Unless of course it is actually Joey Logano or his family reading this, in which case hi!!! if we missed or got anything incorrect please let us know we are happy to add or change as time moves on.  

What Is Joey Logano’s Net Worth?

Although the only people who know accurately what the net worth of Joey Logano is are Joey, His wife and presumably his bank manager we can be sure his 14 years in the top NASCR series has been quite lucrative.

Joey Logano’s net worth is upwards of 44 million dollars, and a salary of over 9 million dollars and licensing or endorsements of over 1 million dollars is likely to see that increase in the coming years.

Where was Joey Logano’s Born?

Joey Logano was born in Middletown, In Connecticut and his family relocated to Georgia, which is where at the age of 6 he started racing quarter midget cars.

Is Joey Logano Married?

Yes, Joey Logano married his childhood sweetheart Brittany Baca on December 13, 2014 a year after they became engaged. THey have 3 children together, with their third, a little girl called Emilia Love Logano, being born just hours after Joeys Victory in the 2022 Clash at the coliseum in 2022. Quite a couple of days for the Logano family!

What is Joey Logano’s Nickname?

Joey is affectionately called “sliced bread“. When he was early on his career Randy Lajoie said that Joey logano was the next best thing since sliced bread as he thought he was going to be one of the best drivers in stock car history. The nickname stuck, and a 2018 Cup Series championship proved it to be correct.

joey logano facts
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Who Are Joey Logano’s Parents?

Joey Logano’s parents are Deborah B, and Thomas J Logano. Thomas was a successful business man who worked in the waste management industry. This allowed him to support his son as his racing career developed. This has caused him to be labeled a ”silver spoon” racer, a little unfairly in our opinion.

Tony Stewart once commentedOpens in a new tab. “He’s nothing but a little rich kid who’s never had to work in his life, so he’s going to learn what us working guys who had to work our way up … how it works.”

However this term has been bandied around for as long as NASCAR has existed, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Chase Elliott, Austin and Ty Dillon and even the great Richard Petty have has the same said about them. Richard Petty gave the best approach to it in our opinion,

“Winning solves everything. You win races and it’ll shut most of ’em up.”

Richard pettyOpens in a new tab.

Does Joey Logano Have Children?

Yes, Joey and his wife brittany have three Children, two sons named Hudson and Jameson, and a daughter named Emilia who was born a day after Joeys Victory in the Clash at the Coliseum in Los Angeles in February 2022.

Where Does Joey Logano Live?

Joey lives in a lovely 7 bedroom house with his family in Cornelius, North Carolina. Lots of NASCAR drivers live in the southern states to be close to the racing community.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Joey Logano Driven For?

Joey logano has driven for 3 cup teams. He currently drives for Team Penske and has done since 2012. He has has the number 22 since then. He has also raced in the Cup series for Joe Gibbs Racing and the Hall of Fame Team

What Music Does Joey Logano Listen To?

Joey admits to not being hugely into music in a 12 question with interview with USA todayOpens in a new tab. he says

“I’m not a big music person. I listen to the radio a lot, but I don’t know who sings them or the name.”

Although he has been introduced at races with Metallica songs!

How Many Races Has Joey Logano Won?

As of the win at the Clash at the Coliseum on the 6th February, 2022 in Los Angeles Joey has won the following across all NASCAR series.

Table 1 – Joey Logano Winning statistics

Nascar SeriesNumber of racesWinsTop TensPole Position
up to 11 Feb 2022.

As you can see Joey Logano has won 27 races of 471 starts, and placed top ten in 240 of those. Which is pretty extraordinary. In Xfinity he has won 30 times and placed top ten in 143 of his 176 starts.

It is an excellent racing records by anyone’s standards, and it is easy to understand how Joey got his nickname best thing since “sliced bread”

Joey Logano and the 1990s

Joey Logano is the first NASCAR driver who was born in the 1990s to work his way up through the three Nationwide NASCAR series. Thats Truck, Xfinity and Cup before his 19th birthday.

What Number Car Does Joey Logano Drive?

Joey drives the Team Penske Ford Mustang number 22 car for the Team Penske. Prior to this he drove the Number 20 car (Toyota) for Joe Gibbs racing from 2009 -2012. He also in the beginning drove the number 2 Toyota of Joe Gibbs, and the number 96 for Hall of Fame racing in 2008.

When was Joey Logano’s First Cup Series Win?

Bubba’s first win took a little while to come. towards the end of the 2021 Cup series he achieved it at the Talladega Superspeedway. Hopefully it will be the first of many for him, and the new 23XI Racing team.

What Is Joey Logano’s Height and Weight?

Joey Logano is 6ft 1 Inches tall (1.85m) and Weighs 180 lb (82kg)

When is Joey Logano’s Birthday?

Joey was born on the 24th May, 1990 in Middletown, Connecticut

What is Joey Logano’s Zodiac Sign?

As Joey was born on the 24th of May his Zodiac sign is Gemini. Gemini are born between May 21 and June 21. They are known for being Playful and erratic. With his consistency on the track we are not sure the second of these applies!

Has Joey Logano Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Yes, Logano won Rookie of the Year in 2009 he won the top rookie 26 times in 36 races, beating Scott Speed ( great name) Max Papis and Dexter Bean.

Has Joey Logano Been In Any Movies?

Yes Joey and Brad Keselowski both had parts on the 3rd Sharknado movie and, along with a few other NASCAR drivers he had a cameo in the Lucky Logan movie. He has been on TV numerous times including on WWE, The glades, Man V. Food Nation, American Idol and Pawn Stars as well as providing communtry for Fox NASCAR.

What Is Joey Logano’s Religion?

We looked and did not find! Feel free to comment in the section below 🙂

Where Did Joey Logano Go To School?

After his elementary school was closed, he started homeschooling.

Does Joey Logano Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Joey has a sister Danielle Logano who is a former professional figure skater.

What Role Did Joey Logano’s Family Play In Joey’s Career?

Joey started racing at the age of 6 in quarter midgets, and his family supported him throughout this. They also supported his sister in her Figure skating career. They have a very supporting sporting family!

At What Age Did Joey Logano Begin Motor Racing?

As we mentioned above Joey started racing quarter midgets at the age of 6 year old.

Did Joey Logano Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Joey has raced in the Camping World Truck series 7 times. Out of those 7 appearances he has won once and been top ten 4 times.

Did Joey Logano Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Joey Logano has won 30 Xfinity races and had 143 top ten places. His best finish in the championship was 8th.

When Was Joey Logano First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Joey Logano made his NASCAR Cup Series debut at the Sylvania 300 on September 14th, 2008.

When Did Joey Logano Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

Joey recorded his first NASCAR cup win on 28th June 2009 at the New Hampshire motor Speedway. It was to tbe the first of 28 wins and 240 top tens so far.

What State Is Joey Logano From?

Joey Logano is from Connecticut, although his family moved to North Carolina when he was young.

What Records Does Joey Logano Have in NASCAR

Record BrokenDetails
Youngest driver to win a NASCAR Nationwide series EventJoey was 18 years and 21 days old when he won the Meijer 300 at Kentucky.
Youngest Driver to Win a NASCAR Cup Series raceJoey was 19 years old and 35 days when he won the 2009 Lenox industrial tools 301 at New Hampshire. .

When did Joey Logano win the NASCAR Cup Series Championship?

Joey has won the NASCAR Cup Series once, in 2018, He also managed 5th place the following year.

What Is Joey Logano’s Salary?

According to essentially sports Logano’s salary is 9,600,000 USD a year, however there are endorsements, bonuses and other licensing agreements that are likely to add up to a million dollars a year on top of that.

Does Joey Logano Like Any Other Sports?

Although he has stated he is a racing driver because he wasn’t very good at other sports, his family own an ice rink so he can hold his own on that and in his early years he played ice hockey.

Does Joey Logano Have A Car Collection?

Although he drives one of the fastest racecars in the world week in week out, logano still enjoys cars off the track and has quite a collection including a Model T 1924 ford, a 2017 Ford GT. Although these are among his favorites, he also has Ford trucks both new and old, and a Foxbody Mustang.

Does Joey Logano Own A Private Jet?

Joey flew with wheels up, at least in 2015. Which is a private aviation company. This is a much more efficient way to have private air travel than solely owning a plane.

Does Joey Logano Work Out to Stay Fit?

Joey says he tries to eat right an maintain consistency in his workouts, mainly running or circuit training and other cardio. He prefers to exercise in the morning and concentrates on core and endurance. Not surisin when you are battling a car at 200 miles and hour for 500 miles!

What is Joey Logano’s Full Name?

Although know as Joey Logano, or sliced bread, his actual full name is Joey Thomas Logano. Thomas is his fathers’ name.

What Is Joey Logano’s Favorite Food?

There is precious little information on this, we found only one answer ( feel free to correct us if you know more! ) which was chicken parmesan, however this seems to be the answer for a lot of drivers favourite food questions.

After trying to eat the Huge burger on Man V. Food NationOpens in a new tab., even though 0 years ago, it was probably a while before he wanted to see another burger though!

What is Joey Logano’s Favourite Racing Movie

He has mentioned Senna on more than one occasion, although this is a documentary. He says that racing movies are pretty far removed from reality. he also lists Happy Gilmore and Miracle.

He also mentioned his favourite actor is Adam Sandler, so if you find yourself in front of a TV with him putting on any of his movies will be a hit we are sure.

What is Joey Logano’s Favourite TV Show?

Joey Likes to watch the Big Bang Theory.

What is Joey Logano’s Favourite Colour?

Well he likes his cars to be be black, like Henry ford! However he has also said he likes red and yellow. Which seeing as its what he wears to race is either a lucky coincidence, or a diplomatic answer!

What is Joey Logano’s Favourite Race Track?

We are not sure of Joey Logano’s favourite Track but his best one is Michigan International SpeedwayOpens in a new tab.. Like Chase Elliott he has had good results here. In fact he said himselfOpens in a new tab. in 2015 that he always gets a little excited when we get to come here.

Does Joey Logano Like Video Games?

Joey does like to play video games, he likes racing and hockey games but has been know to play wii sports. However despite spending all day in an actual racing car he will also jump on the playstation or Xbox and race on Gran Turismo and Forza as well. Unlike Chase Elliott he doesn’t play shooters as much.

What are Joey Logano’s Favourite NASCAR Drivers

He says that when he was a kid that he liked Bobby and Donnie Allision as they were poper old school race car drivers. He also admires Mark Martin and was over the moon when he took victory in 2011 at Pocono against him

What Are The Odds on Joey Logano Winning the Nascar Championship in 2022

Well these are liable to change, but at the moment of writing (1 weeks before the start) he is fifth favourite behind Denny Hamlin, Chase Elliott, Kyle Larson and William Bryon, Ryan blaney, Kyle busch, and Martin Truex Jr. at +1200.

Does Joey Logano Give To Charity?

Joey Logano does give to charity and has even set up his own foundation to help – the https://joeyloganofoundation.com/Opens in a new tab.. The Joey Logano Foundation focuses on three initiatives: JL Kids Crew, C.A.R.E. (Critical Assistance Relief Effort) and Grant Funding.

Does Joey Logano Have a Pet?

Joey and his family had a little pet French Bulldog which sadly passed away in 2019. We are unsure currently what they have. Though he has mentioned he likes birds as they are easy to take care of.


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. it has been a great career in nASCAR for Joey Logano and Team Penske and we have a feeling that this year (2022), that the successes may even be repeated







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