46 Interesting Facts About Chase Elliott You Never Knew.

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Chase Elliott has had a great couple of years. Winning the NASCAR Cup Series in 2020 to become only the third Father and Son pair to have both won. He has been voted, for a fourth time, the most popular driver in the cup series, he is the only driver to win a nationwide NASCAR championship (Xfinity in 2014) as a rookie of the year, he was also the youngest driver to do so. It seems there is not much people don’t know about Chase Elliott.

He has followed that up in 2021 with a respectable 4th place behind his teammate Kyle larsonOpens in a new tab. ( and only 8 points behind!) and now enters the new 2022 NASCAR Cup series in a next gen car. He is second favourite behind his team mate at Hendricks Kyle but this is NASCAR so it’s anyone’s race.

Chase may be an dominating presence on the track and off it for that matter. However there are still things we don’t know about Chase Elliott.  So we did a little research to answer some of the questions not easily answerable and here are our 46 things you never knew about Chase Elliott

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Things you Didn’t Know about Chase Elliott.

Well maybe, but there is certainly something you didn’t know below! Unless of course it is actually Chase Elliott reading this, in which case hi!!! if we missed or missed anything please let us know! 

What Is Chase Elliott’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth Website, Chase Elliott is worth 12 million USD as of 2021. However having secured his first NASCAR Cup Champion Ship in 2020 we have a feeling that that will rise considerably over the coming years.

Where was Chase Elliott Born?

Chase Elliott was born in Dawsonville, In Georgia.

Is Chase Elliott Married?

No, Chase is not married he was previous in a relationship with Kayle Green, the daughter of NASCAR Driver David Green. However things seem to have cooled there and Chase has been seen with Ashley Anderson since mid to late 2021.

Who Are Chase Elliott’s Parents?

Chase Elliot comes from Racing stock, His parents are Bill and Cindy Elliott. His father, Bill Elliott, was the 1988 Winston Cup Series champion. This means after his 2020 NASCAR cup championship win he and his father became only the third Father and Son Championship winning pair. Together with Prichard and Lee Petty and Dale and Ned Jarrett.

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Editorial credit: Grindstone Media Group / Shutterstock.com

Does Chase Elliott Have Children?

No Chase Elliott does not have any children.

Where Does Chase Elliott Live?

Dale keep a home in his hometown of Dawsonville, Georgia, however he did move to North Carolina for a while to be closer to the racing community.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Chase Elliott Driven For?

Chase Elliott Currently drives for Hendrick motorsports and has done since 2011. He has has the number 9 since 2018 (which was his father’s’ racing number) previously he raced with the number 24.

What Music Does Chase Elliott Listen To?

Chase Elliott likes to listen to county music. In fact if you want to listen to his favourite tracks his spotify list in available for downloadOpens in a new tab.! It look like he is a big fan of Jake Owen, Eric Church and Sturgill Simpson. In fact back in 2016 he tweeted that a concert with Eric Church was he best music he had ever heard.

How Many Races Has Chase Elliott Won?

Chase Elliott has won 21 Races across all NASCAR Divisions. He has won 13 NASCAR cup races. In NASCAR Xfinity Series he has won 5 times, and in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series he has won three times. (as of Jan 2022!)

Although this seems a little low for a championship winner it has to be put into context of having 196 top ten finishes, 117 in the Cup Series, over those three divisions and he is only 26. (2022)

What Number Car Does Chase Elliott Drive?

Chase drives the Hendrick Motorsports chevrolet number 9 car. Prior to this he drove the Number 24 car. it was changed so he could use the number his father had driven under for most of his career.

What Is Chase Elliott’s Height and Weight?

Chase Elliott is 5ft 10 Inches tall (1.78m) and Weighs 145 lb (66kg)

When is Chase Elliott’s Birthday?

Chase was born on the 28th November, 1995 in Dawsonville, Georgia

When Did Chase Elliott First Go To A Race?

Chase had racing in his blood from a very early age. His father Bill Elliott was a NASCAR driver and champion, so we can assume that chase attended a race very soon after he was born, and possibly even before!! However he started racing When he was 8 years old in Go – Karts

What is Chase Elliott’s Zodiac Sign?

As Chase was born on the 28th of November his Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21. They are known for having loving travel and movement. So it fits his day job very well!!

Has Chase Elliott Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Yes, Elliott won Rookie of the Year in 2016 beating Ryan Blaney, Chris Buescher and Brian Scott, he also came 10th in his first cup season.

Has Chase Elliott Been In Any Movies?

Yes Chase was the voice of Chase Racelott in the Pixar movie Cars 3. He has also voice acted in Blaze and the Monster Machines. Although not acting he has appeared as himself in various NASCAR focussed TV shows and even on WWF! Snackdown shows.

What Is Chase Elliott’s Religion?

We looked and did not find! Feel free to comment in the section below 🙂

Where Did Chase Elliott Go To School?

Chase Graduated from King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, Georgia in 2014.

Does Chase Elliott Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Chase Elliott Has two sisters, Star and Brittany Elliott.

What Role Did Chase Elliott’s Family Play In Chase’s Career?

Seeing as Elliott’s father is a hall of fame NASCAR Driver we can be assured he had plenty of support from his family. He started Karting at age 8 and clearly the apple didn’t fall far from the tree as the wins started racking up.

At What Age Did Chase Elliott Begin Karting?

As we mentioned above Chase started racing Go-karts at the age of 8.

Did Chase Elliott Compete In The ARCA NASCAR Series?

Yes did Chase compete in the ARCA NASCAR series from 2012 to 2014 he also won there.

Did Chase Elliott Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Chase has raced in the Camping World Truck series up until 2020. With Hendricks, Contreras and GMS racing. He has had 3 wins and 13 top ten finishes.

Did Chase Elliott Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Elliott has won 5 Xfinity races and 66 top Ten places. He was Champion in 2014. He soon moved into the Cup Series though.

When Was Chase Elliott’s First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Elliott made his Sprint Cup Series debut at Martinsville Speedway on March 29th 2015.

When Did Chase Elliott Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

Chase recorded his first NASCAR cup win August 5th 2018 at the Watkins Glen road course. @ years later he would be wining the NASCAR Championship for the first time.

What State Is Chase Elliott From?

Chase Elliott is from Georgia

What Records Does Chase Elliott Have in NASCAR

Record BrokenDetails
First Rookie to win a NASCSAR national Division. Chase won the Xfinity Championship in 2014, when he was rookie of the year.
Youngest Driver to Win a NASCAR ChampionshipChase was 18 years old when he won the Xfinity championship.

Chase has been voted most popular driver in NASCAR 4 times, which is pretty good! however dad won the award 16 times! So that’s one record dad might be hanging on to for a while!

What Is Chase Elliott’s Salary?

According to Salary sport.com Elliott’s salary is 8,000,000 USD a year, with sponsorships on top and other endorsements this is expected to rise in the 2022 season.

Does Chase Elliott Like Any Other Sports?

Chase likes to Snowboard in his free time, and to fly planes! He also likes to go fishing, play golf and wakeboard. Though i guess not at the same time!

Did Chase Elliott Race In NASCAR Before He Had His Drivers’ License?

YES in NASCAR, He was racing in the K&N Series In case you are unaware these cars can go up to 180 mph and 700 horsepower, that’s about the same as a Ferrari at 15 years old………..

Does Chase Elliott Have A Car Collection?

Chase drove a Chevy Silverado in the NASCAR World Truck Series, and it must have done something right as he also had one as his personal vehicle.

Does Chase Elliott Own A Private Jet?

Chase actually got his pilots license in 2015 and enjoys to fly himself to races where he can. According to JeffGluck he owns a Beechcraft baron. While its not a Jet it is certainly more of a plane than the rest of us have!

Does Chase Elliott Enjoy Working Out?

Chase explains that its not about benching weights it about repetition and building up muscle resistance that helps when driving NASCAR. Driving for 3-4 hours in 120 Degree sweat box quite simply is not for the out of shape. You might find him out there Mountain biking as well.

He also likes to eat relatively healthily, cutting down on bread and hitting the salads!

What is Chase Elliott’s Full Name?

Although know as Chase Elliott, his actual full name is William Clyde “Chase” Elliott II

What Are Chase Elliott’s Favorite Vacation Spots?

In an interview with Hendricks in 2016 Chases said he liked to visit Costa Rica, and that he would love to go to Australia! Not sure if he has made it yet, but we can certainly recommend it!

What Is Chase Elliott’s Favorite Food?

There are few foods he has mentioned though throughout the hundreds of interviews he has done. Chicken Parmesan, Honey nut loops, Definitely NOT tomatoes though.

What is Chase Elliott’s Favourite Movie

He has mentioned Wedding Crashers on more than one occasion, so if you watching Netflix with him you can be fairly sure pressing play on that will be a safe bet.

What is Chase Elliott’s Favourite Race Track?

We are not sure of Chase Elliott’s favourite Track but his best one is Michigan International SpeedwayOpens in a new tab..He may be know as a Road race king but this ovalOpens in a new tab. has seen his best results on average.

Does Chase Elliott Like Video Games?

Chase does like to play video games, particularly shooters. Although he used to play Call of duty games, he has gotten into Fortnite. In fact during the christmas themes he used the SANTA skin. So if you find yourself being shot by Santa ( quite a sentence there) you never know it might have been Chase Elliott!

Which Baseball Team Does Chase Elliott Support?

Chase is a big Atlanta Braves fan. Although we are not sure how much time he would get to watch them

What Are The Odds on Chase Elliott Winning the Nascar Championship in 2022

Well these are liable to change, but at the moment of writing ( 3 weeks before the start) he is second favourite behind his Hendricks Teammate Kyle LarsonOpens in a new tab. at +400. or 4 to 1. So if you put 100 dollars on him to win, you would get 400 back if it happened.

Does Chase Elliott Give To Charity?

Chase Elliott does give to charity and has even set up his own foundation to help – the Chase Elliot Foundation.Opens in a new tab.

What is Chase Elliotts Favorite Pre-Race Meal?

Chase likes to Eat Chicken Parmesan before he races. So do i, but im racing on the Xbox so i am not sure that counts.

What Was Chase Elliott’s First Pet?

Chase and his family had a Doberman (dog) called Rowdy.


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. it has been a great couple of years for Chase Elliott, and here is hoping that his success continues both on and off the track.

I have a feeling, not matter what your views are, that Chase will be making a bigger and bigger impression on the racetrack in the years to come.

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