46 Interesting Facts About Kyle Larson You Never Knew.

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Kyle Larson has had a very eventful couple of years. Suspended then fired from the team (Chip Ganassi racing) he had raced for in NASCAR cup series for years. Followed by a prolonged period in the wilderness following the controversy of his use of a racial slur during an E-Racing event made it look like he might never make a return to NASCAR.

However despite the obvious risk of backlash Hendrick Motorsports reached out and gave him a second chance. it turns out that that time out of NASCAR had given Kyle even more drive. In 2021 he claimed the NASCAR cup series Championship, what looks like will be the first of many.

However, the controversy, the racing records, the blistering 2021 season, and the victories amassed are well known and well documented on all the major news and NASCAR sites and there is more to everyone that one mistake. What is less easy to find are the little details about what makes Kyle tick.

Kyle may be an overwhelming presence on the track but he does not seek publicity, even if it manages to find him, So we did a little research to answer some of the question not easily answerable and here are our 46 things you never knew about Kyle Larson.

Kyle Larson facts

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Things you Didn’t Know about Kyle Larson.

Well maybe, but there is certainly something you didn’t know below! Unless of course it is actually Kyle Larson reading this, in which case hi!!! if we missed or missed anything please let us know! 😉

What Is Kyle Larson’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth Website, Kyle Larson is worth 12 million USD as of 2021. However having secured his first NASCAR Cup Champion Ship in 2021 we have a feeling that that will rise considerably this year!

Where was Kyle Larson Born?

Kyle Larson was born in Elk Grove, in Sacramento County, California.

Is Kyle Larson Married?

Yes, Kyle got married to his long term girlfriend and fiance Katelyn Sweet on September the 28th 2018. They have two children together. Katlyn already had a NASCAR connection as she is the marathon running, horse riding sister of World of Outlaws Champion Driver Brad Sweet!

Who Are Kyle Larson’s Parents?

Mike and Janet Larson are the parents of Kyle Larson, and of course Andrea Larson!

Kyle Larson facts

Does Kyle Larson Have Children?

Kyle Larson has two children with his wife Katlyn Sweet. He has a son and a daughter, Owen Miyata Larson who was born in 2014, and a girl, Audrey Layne Larson was born in 2018. 

Where Does Kyle Larson Live?

Well, this will change of course, however in 2014 Kyle Larson bought a lovely 5 bedroom house in North Carolina. It has an awesome swimming pool as well! However, both homes were put up for sale in 2020.

What NASCAR Cup Teams Has Kyle Larson Driven For?

Kyle Larson Currently drives for Hendrick motorsports, previously he drove for the Chip Ganassi Racing team until April 2020.

What Music Does Kyle Larson Listen To?

Kyle larson likes to listen to classic rock and country music, but doesnt think he would listen to it while driving in races. Well, maybe just Daytona or Talladega!

How Many Races has Kyle Larson Won?

Kyle Larson has won 30 Races across all NASCAR Divisions. He has won 16 NASCAR cup races. In NASCAR Xfinity Series he has won 12 times, and in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series he has won twice. (as of Jan 2022!) He also excels at sprint and dirt racing.

What Number Car does Kyle Larson Drive?

Kyle drives the Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet number 5 car. Prior to this he drove the Number 42 for Chip Ganassi Racing team.

What Is Kyle Larson’s Height and Weight?

Kyle Larson is 5ft 6 Inches tall (1.68m) and Weighs 135 lb (61kg)

When is Kyle Larson’s Birthday?

Kyle was born on the 31st July 1992 in Elk Grove, Sacramento Country, California.

When Did Kyle Larson First Go To A Race?

Kyle had racing in his blood from a very early age. He first went to a race just a week after he was born! Although we are not sure which one we are sure the roar of those older cars Opens in a new tab.had an impact.

What is Kyle Larson’s Zodiac Sign?

As Kyle was born on the 31st of July his Zodiac sign is Leo. Leo’s are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. They are known for having strength courage and being ready to achieve everything they put their mind to.

Has Kyle Larson Ever Been NASCAR’s Rookie Of The Year

Yes, Kyle Larson won Rookie of the Year in 2014 beating Justin Allgaier, Cole Whitt and Austin Dillon and also won the Xfinity Rookie of the year previously in 2013 as well.

Has Kyle Larson Been In Any Movies?

Yes Kyle Larson was a limousine driver in Lucky LoganOpens in a new tab. starring Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig and Adam Driver. Kyle Larson and Adam driver were not the only drivers in the movie. There were also cameo’s by Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney.

What Is Kyle Larson’s Religion?

Kyle Larson is Christian.

Where Did Kyle Larson Go To School?

Kyle Graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, Sacramento, California.

Does Kyle Larson Have any Brothers or Sisters?

Kyle Larson Has one sister, Andrea Larson. She works for World of Outlaws Sprint car racing team.

What Role Did Kyle Larson’s Family Play In Kyle’s Career?

Seeing as Kyle Larson’s first time at a race track was in the week after his birth we can presume that his parents, or at least one of them, were fans of racing. Kyle also started Go-Karting at the age of 7, which as we mention here,Opens in a new tab. is far from a cheap hobby.

He and his father bought an orange go-kart ( without his mother knowing) working on the theory that forgiveness is easier to get than permission and entered their first go kart season about 5 races in!

His parents would have to have supported him heavily during the early years of his racing career.

At What Age Did Kyle Larson Begin Karting?

As we mentioned above Kyle started racing Go-karts at the age of 7. He then moved in to the USAC (United States Auto Club) Open wheel races when he was a teenager.Opens in a new tab.

Did Kyle Larson Compete In The ARCA NASCAR Series?

Yes not only did Kyle compete in the ARCA NASCAR series he also won there. He made his ARCA debut on June the 15th 2012 on the Michigan international Speedway. he was in a Eddie Sharp car. His first win came two years later on June the 7th at Pocono.

Did Kyle Larson Compete In the Truck NASCAR Series?

Kyle first debuted in a Camping World Truck NASCAR series race in late June 2012 in Kentucky. He has won twice so far.

Did Kyle Larson Compete In the Xfinity NASCAR Series?

Larson has won 12 Xfinity races since he went full fime in 2013. He soon moved into the Cup Series though.

When Was Kyle Larson’s First NASCAR Cup Series race?

Larson made his Sprint Cup Series debut at Charlotte Motor Speedway. this was to prepare for his first full NASCAR Opens in a new tab.Cup season in 2014.  

When Did Kyle Larson Win His first NASCAR Cup Series Race?

Pure Michigan 400, Michigan International Speedway, Aug. 28, 2016. He held off Chase ElliottOpens in a new tab. for his first NASCAR Cup win.

What State Is Kyle Larson From?

Kyle larson is from California (Sacramento)

What Records Did Kyle Larson Break in his Champion winning season (2021)

Record BrokenDetails
Wins at a Road Course in a single seasonKyle won at Sonoma, Watkins Glen, Charlotte ROYVAL
Most laps Leading in a 36 race season. Kyle beat Jeff Gordon’s 20 year old record. 2581 laps for Larson and 2320 for Gordon
Most laps led on 1.5 mile tracksTo put this is context Kyle led led 49.6% of laps at mile-and-a-half tracks, all the other drivers 50.4%.
Most points in the playoffs (since it started)Larson got 83 points, beating the previous record of Martin Truex Jr at 69 points.

What Is Kyle Larson’s Salary?

According to Salary sport.com Kyle Larson’s salary is 8,000,000 USD a year, with sponsorships (when they return) and other endorsements this is expected to rise in the 2022 season.

Does Kyle Larson Like Any Other Sports?

Since 2016 Kyle Larson has played golf, after a couple of years he was playing off a handicap of about 18 but as improving. Golf being a much slower paced sport than Nascar is not surprising so many drivers play!

He also competes very successfully in Dirt Racing as well alongside his NASCAR career.

Kyle Larson is a Dirt Racing Legend!

Although racing to victory in 2021, and recently posting the fastest test time at the Next gen testing On Phoenix racetrack on January 25th 2022. Kyle Larson is an incredibly sucessful dirt track racer. In 2020 alone he achieved 46 wins from his 97 races.

Who Is Kyle Larson’s Wife?

Katelyn Larson (nee Sweet) is the wife of Kyle Larson, and the sister of World of Outlaws Champion Opens in a new tab.driver Brad Sweet!

Did Kyle Larson Race In NASCAR Before He Had His Drivers’ License?

Well, not in NASCAR, but he was racing 900Hp Sprint cars when he was 15 years old! In case you are unaware sprint cars can go up to 150 mph and 900 horsepower, that’s just a little less than a Bugatti Veyron at 15 years old………..

Does Kyle Larson Have A Car Collection?

He Drives Chevrolet around the track for a living, but does this extend to his cars collection. Well, yes according to Celebrity X Opens in a new tab.is does which states Kyle owns a Chevy Trax for the family, a Chevrolet Camaro zL1, and a Chevrolet SS.

Although we cant check the voracity of this, it makes sense, and i bet he gets a great deal from them as well!!

Does Kyle Larson Own A Private Jet?

Kyle actually prefers to fly commercial, and up until 2017 you might find yourself sitting next to him in coach! However since then he allows himself the luxury of first class and turns left when he gets on the plane.

His reasoning is that the wifi is better! and that those little private planes have to stop for fuel. that and he likes to be careful with his money.

Things may have changed since 2017, especially in light of the more recent history and controversy, but still if you are heading to a race it might be worth checking out who is on the plane with you!

Does Kyle Larson Enjoy Working Out?

Although we have been able to find out Kyles exact thoughts on those Gym days it is with doubt that todays NASCAR drivers need to be in great physical shape. Driving for 3-4 hours in 120 Degree sweat box quite simply is not for the out of shape. Although we couldnt fine Kyles thoughts we did find 15 other drivers views here. Opens in a new tab.

What is Kyle Larson’s Full Name?

Although know as Kyle Larson, his actual full name is Kyle Miyata Larson

What Are Kyle Larson’s Favorite vacation Spot?

In a fast fire interview Kyle said his favorite vacation spot was Tulsa, Oklahoma. Though we never got to find out why. Perhaps now it is the back to back Chilli Bowl victories in 2020 and 2021 A few years later in 12 questions with Kyle Larson he said he would love to go to Italy as he loves the food.

What Is Kyle Larson’s Favourite Season?

Summer is Kyle’s Favourite season.

What Is Kyle Larson’s Favorite Food?

According to interviews given a few years ago, its difficult to find anything more recent than 2016, Kyle was a bit of a Junk Food Junkie. Pizza and Pizza roles, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Tacos ( can’t fault him there) and rather conversely iceberg lettuce.

On race days he used to enjoy a grilled chicken dish with Tabasco, Though not sure how a good an idea spicy sauce is before a 3 hour race! Seeing as he keeps winning though i think we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

He also mentioned wanting to go to Italy as he loves the food!

All this was a few years ago, so maybe since he got over 29 years old those eating habits have changed, as much as we all wish we could eat what we did when we were 20 we can’t. (or can’t without looking like a balloon!)

What is Kyle Larson’s Favourite Race Track?

Bristol Is Larson’s favourite racetrack. He has compared to it feeling like a dirt track in the past, and he certainly has raced enough of those to know how they feel! I’m sure after winning back to back Chilli Bowls at Tulsa in 2020 and 2021 that that racetrack is pretty high up on the list.

What Wrist Watch Does Kyle Larson Wear?

Well if like me, it will depend on the occasion, but by entering the Rolex 24 and winning with Jamie McMurray In 2015. Where they were awarded a Rolex wrist watch I am sure that it has pride of place on his wrist for those special occasions.

Does Kyle Larson Like Video Games?

Kyle Larson has said that he does use his phone too much, enough that it annoys his wife! ( i know this feeling!) However that he doesn’t really go in for games all that much. He did mention a puzzle game called aa ( link included if you want to play what the NASCAR champion It is on Apple,Opens in a new tab. AndroidOpens in a new tab. and onlineOpens in a new tab.!

Full disclosure we haven’t played it! Too busy writing to do that 😛

Which Football Clubs Does Kyle Larson Support?

Kyle hasn’t given an answer directly to this question as of yet, or not one we can find at least. however he did get a little political when asked on a twitter Q and A in 2018. When asked what is his favourite NFL team he answered – one that stands.

Cue various levels of uproar!

Does Kyle Larson Give To Charity?

Kyle Larson does give to charity and has even set up his own foundation to help – The Kyle Larson foundationOpens in a new tab. which aims to help youth, families and communities in need.

He has also pledged to give 5 dollars for every lap, and 5000 dollars for every top 3 finish he completes in the 2021 season. After 6 races of the 2021 season that was up to 22000 dollars already! Considering he won the season it would be much more by the end!


Hopefully there something you didn’t know in the list above. it has been an eventful couple of years for Kyle Larson, and here is hoping that the recent controversy can be put behind and that everyone can focus on the racing moving forward.

I have a feeling, not matter what your views are, that Kyle will be making a bigger and bigger impression on the racetrack in the years to come.

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