What to Take to a NASCAR Race?

Fast cars, tire smoke, roaring engines, and adrenaline rush – it’s no surprise that NASCAR is an electrifying spectacle that attracts millions of viewers worldwide. For those privileged to experience the thrill up-close at the racetracks, the memory is unforgettable. But to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable race day, proper preparation is key, starting with knowing what to pack for a NASCAR race.

Get ready for a thrilling NASCAR race day! Pack smart with comfortable clothing, essential gear like binoculars and ear protection, snacks and hydration, tech for live updates, and comply with NASCAR’s clear bag policy. Remember, good preparation equals a great race day! Enjoy the NASCAR experience.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with a detailed list of essentials and offer some handy tips to enhance your overall NASCAR experience. Whether you’re a first-time attendee, a seasoned fan, or ticking off that bucket list adventureOpens in a new tab., this guide seeks to help you maximize your enjoyment at the track and minimize potential discomforts or inconveniences.

Understanding a NASCAR Race

NASCAR races are unique, offering an unparalleled blend of thrill, camaraderie, and immersion in a sport that’s as much about the fans as it is about the drivers. These races can span several hours, usually under the open sky, and attract diverse, often large crowds.

Weather conditions can vary significantly, depending on the location and time of year, which directly impacts your experience and preparation.

By anticipating the duration, weather, crowd dynamics, and noise levels, you can prepare for a day filled with high-octane excitement and leave with unforgettable memories.

Essential Items to take to a NASCAR race.


When packing for a NASCAR race, clothing should be at the first of your considerations. Given the length of these events, comfort is crucial. Choosing breathable, loose-fitting attire, such as t-shirts, shorts, or jeans, depending on the weather – not if its raining, jeans are terrible in the rain/

Layering can be beneficial for races during cooler months or those that extend into the evening.

Footwear, often overlooked, plays a vital role in your comfort throughout the day. Choose shoes that provide good support and cushioning since you may be standing or walking for extended periods.

Don’t forget accessories for protection against the elements. Sunglasses and hats are essential for sunny days to shield your eyes and face. Similarly, a lightweight, waterproof jacket can be a lifesaver during unexpected rainfall. Always check the weather forecast before you head to the track and pack accordingly.

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Beyond clothing, there are other essential items that can enhance your NASCAR race experience. Binoculars, for example, can bring you closer to the action, especially if you’re seated further from the track. We look at the best binocular at different price points in this article “do you need binoculars for NASCAR races” linked here and below.

Given the high decibel levels at NASCAR races, ear protection is non-negotiable. We discuss the best ear protection for NASCAR racesOpens in a new tab. here on the site and while you may be sitting at the back of the bleachers it is still worth considering as NASCAR races get loud!

Earmuffs or earplugs can protect your ears from the roaring engines and screeching tires, and perhaps the overly enthusiastic fans you find your self siting next to as well! while still allowing you to enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

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Lastly, consider your seating comfort. Many NASCAR fans recommend bringing seat cushions or portable chairs. These can significantly enhance your comfort, particularly during longer races and older tracks in particular are perhaps not know for comfortable seating, especially for those 4 hour long races!

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Food and Hydration

Given the duration of NASCAR races, food and hydration are critical. Although most tracks have concession stands, packing your own snacks and beverages allows more control over your diet and can save money.

Pack easy-to-eat, non-perishable foods like granola bars, sandwiches, or fruit. If you’re planning to bring perishable items or cold drinks, a small cooler can be an invaluable addition to your gear just check restrictions at the tracks as it can differ around the country.

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Stay hydrated throughout the day, especially in hot weather. Packing enough water for everyone in your group is crucial to prevent dehydration, a common issue during long outdoor events many tracks have water coolers around the stadium so take a note of where they are before you go or on arrival as well.

if you intend to take beer or alcohol then check with the track before hand as some allow and some don’t!


A few additional items can make your NASCAR experience even more enjoyable and worry-free. A tube of sunscreen can protect your skin during hot, sunny days. A higher SPF is generally recommended, and remember to reapply throughout the day.

A basic first aid kit can also be handy. Include items such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, to address minor health issues quickly.

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Finally, given our reliance on digital technology, don’t forget a portable charger. It can keep your devices powered throughout the day, ensuring you stay connected and are able to capture memorable moments without worrying about battery life.

Packing for a NASCAR race goes beyond just grabbing a ticket and heading to the track. With careful planning and the right essentials, you’re set to enjoy the thrill of the race with comfort and ease.

Table 1: What to Take to a NASCAR Race.

Comfortable ClothingTo stay comfortable throughout the raceNo specific rules, though keep the profanity / politics to a minimum if you don’t want to be held up or asked to change.
Sunglasses/HatTo protect your eyes and face from the sunNo specific rules, be considerate of those behind you if you have a wide brimmed hat though.
Ear ProtectionTo protect your ears from the loud noisesNo specific rules
BinocularsTo get a closer view of the action on the trackNo specific rules
Seat Cushion/ChairTo stay comfortable during the raceChairs must be foldable and can’t obstruct the view for other fans some tracks have size limited to check that out first.
Food and SnacksTo keep you fueled during the raceNASCAR allows fans to bring in their own food. though some restrictions may apply to different tracks – read up on their first. or be prepared to eat a lot at the entrance gate!
Water/BeveragesTo stay hydrated throughout the dayAllowed, but glass bottles are prohibited, some dont allow certain sizes or alcohol so again check before you arrive at your track.
CoolerTo keep drinks and food coldCoolers are allowed but must be soft-sided and not exceed the specified dimensions (14x14x14 inches although some allow larger – again check before you head it and here on the site.
SunscreenTo protect your skin from sunburnNo specific rules
First Aid KitTo address minor health issuesNo specific rules on simple kits, scalpels, defibrators etc. – give them a miss! there are first responders at the track it unlikely needs you to go med kitted up!
Portable ChargerTo keep your devices powered throughout the dayNo specific rules
Clear BagTo carry personal itemsNASCAR has a “clear bag” policy. Size should not exceed 18x18x14 inches again rules at different tracks may apply.
Tickets, Cash, IDNeeded for entry, purchases at the venueNo specific rules
Fan Gear/MerchandiseTo show your support for your favorite team/driverNo specific rules,
Race Scanner/RadioTo listen to live commentary, driver-team communications, and real-time updates during the raceDevices must not obstruct the view for other fans
SmartphoneFor live streaming, driver stats, virtual reality experiencesNo specific rules
UmbrellaFor protection from rain or sunAllowed, but can’t obstruct the view for other fans when opened – a small portable or other rain protection would likely be better anyway. (See this article)

Please note that the rules can vary between different racetracks, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific rules of the venue you’re visiting before you go.

Technology to Enhance the Experience

In today’s digital age, technology can significantly enhance your NASCAR experience, bringing you closer to the action and providing vital race-day insights. A key piece of tech you might consider is a race scanner or a radio.

These devices allow you to listen to live commentary, driver-team communications, and real-time updates, giving you an insider’s perspective and a deeper appreciation of the strategies unfolding on the track. Although not at all tracks it is worth checking before hand as there are a limited number an they might need booking in advance. ( it should come as no surprise they wont have 50,000 of these to cater for every spectator!)

Many smartphone apps offer similar features, including live streaming, driver stats, and even virtual reality experiences that can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the race. NASCAR Mobile is one such app, providing access to live race broadcasts, in-car cameras, and real-time leaderboards.

Remember, your digital tools are only as good as your battery life, so a portable power bank is essential to keep your devices charged throughout the day.

NASCAR Specific Items

While the above items will undoubtedly equip you for a day at the racetrack, there are additional NASCAR-specific considerations to keep in mind.

One of the most crucial is understanding and complying with NASCAR’s “clear bag” policy. This policy allows fans to bring in one clear bag or a small clutch bag for personal items, with specific size requirements – some tracks also don’t allow backpacks. Make sure to check the latest guidelines on the NASCAR track website before you pack. We have an example linked below.

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Of course, don’t forget your tickets, a form of ID, and some cash or cards for any purchases you might want to make on site. ATMs can be scarce or have long lines at racetracks, so it’s a good idea to carry enough cash (securely) for the day, or a card if the track doesn’t accept cash ( some dont!Opens in a new tab.)

Lastly, be sure to bring your fan spirit to the track. Whether it’s wearing your favorite driver’s merchandise, carrying a poster, or bringing along a marker for any potential autograph opportunities, showing your support adds to the electrifying atmosphere and can make your NASCAR race experience even more memorable.

By planning ahead and packing smartly, you’re well on your way to a fantastic day at the races.

Preparation and Organizing Items

Being prepared is half the victory when it comes to enjoying a NASCAR race day. Once you’ve gathered all your essential items, it’s crucial to organize them in a manner that allows easy access and ensures you’re not carrying any unnecessary weight.

Begin with the larger items, like your chair or cooler, and then pack smaller items around them. Use zip-lock bags to keep food and other smaller items organized and waterproof. When packing your clear bag, remember to place items you’ll need more frequently, like your tickets, phone, or sunscreen, at the top or in a separate pocket for easy access.

Also, try to pack a day or two ahead of the race. This prevents last-minute rush and ensures you have time to check everything off your list.

Remember to check the weather forecast before finalizing your packing. Is it going to be sunny or is there a chance of rain? Adjust your items accordingly to stay comfortable throughout the day.

On-the-Day Tips

With your packing complete, you’re ready for the race. But your preparation doesn’t stop there. Leave for the venue early. The traffic heading towards a NASCAR race can be heavy, and arriving early allows you to get a good parking spot and avoid the worst of the crowds. This also gives you plenty of time to find your seats, familiarize yourself with the venue, and enjoy the pre-race festivities.

Throughout the day, remember to stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly. Despite the excitement of the race, it’s important to take care of your health. Find time to take short breaks, have your meals, and relax.

And most importantly, remember that you’re there to have fun. Cheer for your favorite driver, engage with the fans around you, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.

If you have what you are taking to a NASCAR Race all sorted out then you can take a look at what to wear to a NASCAR Race in the article linked here and below.


Preparing for a NASCAR race goes beyond just grabbing your ticket. From packing the right clothing to having essential gear, ensuring you have food and hydration, to embracing technology and respecting NASCAR specific policies, each step contributes to a successful, enjoyable race day.

So, plan ahead, pack smartly, and don’t forget to prioritize your comfort and health. With the right preparation, your NASCAR experience can be an unforgettable day of high-octane excitement and thrill.

Whether it’s your first race or your fiftieth, each NASCAR race is a unique experience that’s made even better with the right preparation and a positive attitude. So let your excitement take the lead and enjoy the thrill that is NASCAR racing.


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