Do NASCAR Drivers Pee During A Race?

If you have ever taken a trip with your family, maybe even to a NASCAR Race track, you will be familiar with the voices in the back of the car stating to everyone that they need to pee. Luckily for you there will be a rest stop every few miles, or if worst comes to worst a tree lined back road to go ”au natural” Racing drivers don’t have that luxury, and even if there were toilets in pit lanes, by the time the racing suit came off it would be too late. So how do NASCAR Drivers pee during the race?

It is uncommon for NASCAR Drivers to pee during a race. However, drivers are unable to stop for breaks so if the urge to urinate becomes a distraction it is safer to do so than not. Temperatures of 130 Fahrenheit, and weight loss of up to 10lb while racing means most moisture is lost through perspiration not urination.

Below we take a look at some of the ways that drivers and teams try to avoid this situation, and some of the sports where being caught short is less of a private affair.

Do NASCAR Drivers Pee In their Racing Suits?

How are you feeling about the race, what do you think your chances are, do NASCAR pee during the race are, surprisingly, some of the more common questions drivers will face. The answer to the last one may surprise you.

As we mention below drivers are pretty pragmatic about toilet troubles while racing, when you gotta go you gotta go. However it is much more uncommon than people think. We explain why below.

Toilet Preparations are Part of a NASCAR race

NASCAR drivers prepare extremely well for upcoming racesOpens in a new tab.. They make sure that in the days before the race they are making sure that they are well hydrated. Preparing what goes into, and what comes out of, their bodies is just a part of those preparations.

  • On race days although drinking is of course allowed, it will be less that the preceding days as although it may quench thirst it is less effective than making sure the body is well hydrated over the long term. If they drink to much on race day it will also mean the chances of having to pee are increased.
  • They will also go to the bathroom as close to the race start as possible, for most drivers it will just be part of their race day routine and perhaps one of those rare times you will see a queue for a male toilet!
  • There maybe a need for dehydration salts to help those with smaller bladders, although these would be carefully monitored as the race itself with 4-50 degree temperatures in going to be dehydrating enough.

It is Not That Easy for NASCAR Drivers To Pee.

Although going to the toilet is not something we give a lot of thought to, it is not that easy to just decide to pee yourself (as adult – young children see to be able to do this at will!)> If I challenge you to do it now you will struggle (hopefully) and it will take concentration, [we take no responsibility if you succeed] and thats while you are sitting down reading this, not while you are flying around an Oval with 40 other NASCAROpens in a new tab. drivers who probably don’t need to pee.

The other thing that needs concentration is flying around that track with 40 other cars! Racing drivers have said repeatedly that even if they need to pee it is not as easy as just letting go. Indy car racer Graham RahalOpens in a new tab. has said as much. “It’s pretty hard to do, actually. I think everybody thinks it just sort of happens, but it takes actual concentration to make it happen, so I try not to do it that much.” 

James Hinchcliffe also said that why on flying laps under a green flag it is actually difficult as it the car is flying around the track and the focus has to be 100% on racing. Both agreed that if it has to happen then waiting till a caution if possible, or at worst on the straight.

Even Lewis Hamilton from F1 agrees that its actually difficult to doOpens in a new tab. and has never managed to pee while racing.

So Do NASCAR Drivers Pee in Their Suits.

When the need arises to pee, of course they do, when you have to do it, you do it!. It is inadvisable to wear diapers while racing NASCAR so drivers will urinate in their suits. However, as mentioned above its not always as easy and straightforward as just going for it, and they will pick their moment. In other sports it might be possible to quickly stop, run off and take a bathroom break, but motor racing and NASCAR is not one of them!

Unsurprisingly NASCAR Drivers are somewhat coy about discussing the occasions they have been caught short and had to pee in the suit or the car, however there are some who are upfront about it, Dale EArnHArdt we quote below, LoganoOpens in a new tab. admits to having done it, Brad Keselowski says he has done it once, and Carl Edwards has said ”you jsut deal with it” skill fully avoiding the question. (although suggesting that the airflow in a NASCAR is good for farts!Opens in a new tab.) – a question we never thought of asking!

More seriously NASCAR racing takes immense concentration and pressure on the balder and the need to pee is a distraction that will only get worse as the race goes on. Every bump and turn will be on the drivers mind. So when they need to go, they go. better a wet seat than a hard crash.

Do NASCAR Drivers pee during a race

Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Diapers When They Race?

Some Adult Diapers are flammable, they can burn, it would see self defeating to kit a NASCAR driver out in fire retardant suits, gloves, shoes, socks,and helmets to then cover their Nuts and bolts in a potentially flammable material. So no, it is very unlikely you will see a NASCAR driver, barring any medical condition, wearing a diaper in case they need to pee during a race.

It is rare for anyone, racing drivers included, to admit to wearing an adult diaper. However, there is the case of Juan Pablo Montoya, who has raced in Formula 1, NASCAR and Indy, who was sponsored by an adult diaper brand (depend) in 2013.

He was replaced in the Chip Degrassi team the next year by Kyle LarsonOpens in a new tab., although we are sure it is entirely untreated to this! If you are short on cash and want to wear what some nascar drivers wear we have a link to some adult diapersOpens in a new tab. below.

Is It Uncommon For NASCAR Drivers To Pee In Their Suits?

Fortunately for NASCAR Drivers, their team, their family and for maining whoever washes the racing suits after the race it is very uncommon for any racing drivers to have to go to the bathroom while racing. While we explored the fact that deciding to relieve yourself is not actually that easy during a NASCAR race for psychological reasons, there are other more metabolic and environmental reasons that explain why it is rare that the need arises for Nascar drivers to pee in their suits.


The temperature in a NASCAR with the engineOpens in a new tab. at full whack, the sun shining on the metal and the asphalt bouncing that heat back up is extreme. We mean desert extreme. it can reach up to 50 degrees in the car and the drivers are not driving in flip flops, shorts and vests. They are in full fire retardant suits, underwear socks ( which go on the head… don’t ask). The body is more likely to need every ounce of moisture it can get, rather than expel any through having a pee.

Weight Loss and Dehydration

Drivers in these conditions can lose 5 to 10lb during the course of a race, this is extreme and is not fat loss ( unfortunately) it is moisture loss from sweating and the heat. urination is unlikely to be an issue in these conditions, it is more likely that dehydration will play a factor than overhydration. we take a look at how NASCAR drivers drinkOpens in a new tab. and eat on this page.

Cooling Systems

The ventilation in the car attempts to cool the driver by blowing air on them, however it is half measures at best. Cooling suits and helmets are becoming a more common feature in the upper levels of NASCAR, but again although anything that can help is welcome it is never going to be a comfortable balmy 70 degrees in a racing NASCAR

How Do NASCAR Drivers Stay Hydrated?

We mentioned above that if needed there are dehydration salts that NASCAR drivers can use, however it is much. MUCH more likely that instead of reducing moisture driver will actually take on more during the raceOpens in a new tab.. Through hydration systems in the car or drinks passed to them during pitstop’s. Again more information on how these work hereOpens in a new tab..

Other Sportspeople Who Have Been Caught Short.

So from time to time a NASCAR driver will have to pee, but at least they get to do it in private, and chances are the public will never know. The heat of the car will evaporate liquid pretty quickly!

Spare a thought for athletes in other sports.

“If you can hold it, you hold it, if you can’t hold it you go”

Dale EarnHardt Jr

Well here are some who couldn’t hold it, and unlike a NASCAR driver who has to pee, they couldn’t hid it as well!

Sports PersonToilet Trouble Incident
Paula Radcliffe (Marathon Runner) Was losing 10 seconds a mile in the London Marathon, so had to stop on the side of the road and have a pee.
San Diego Chargers kicker Nick NovakHad to take a pee at the side of the pitch during a game, The NFL clarified this was ok as long as there was cover. In this instance a trainer shielded the view. Opens in a new tab.
GAry Lineker (English Footballer) Had a upset stomach in a world cup game ( will million watching) and accidently had a release (ahem) when he tackled someonOpens in a new tab.e. No one knew at the time but he has admitted it since.
Jans Lehman ( German Footballer) Jans was caught short during a game and jumped behind the goalOpens in a new tab. to take a pee, before jumping back on. When you gotta go you gotta go!
Yohann Diniz (French Race walker)Had a pretty bad caseOpens in a new tab. of Runners Diarrhea (its a thing) and had to use a sponge in his shorts to try to help. Not sure if throwing the sponge towards the crowd was the best olympic souvenir you could get though.

We also have our cousins in Indy Cars thoughts on toilet troubles while racing here as well.

Final Thoughts

When Nature calls during a race NASCAR drivers will certainly answer if they need to. it is better to get rid of the distraction ( and i’m sure we all know how distracting it can be, than to try to hold off the inevitable. However, much is done to avoid A NASCAR driver needing to pee and the raceOpens in a new tab. environment makes is more unlikely that the need will arise in the first place as we have discussed:

  • NASCAR races are hot, moisture is lost by perspiration rather than urination
  • Metabolism and food and drink intake is monitored during the racing season.
  • Hydration systems are in place in the car from water bottles to built in car versions
  • Dehydration is more of an issue than overhydration.
  • When it comes to it, drivers will just pee in their suits. It is often safer than not.

Although it is probably more common than drivers admit too, the only one who really knows is the person who does NASCAR teams laundry. So instead of asking the drivers, maybe we should ask them!



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