How Do IndyCar Drivers Go To The Toilet During A Race?

In the week leading up to a race, IndyCar teams have rigorous routines to ensure that they’re adequately prepared for the race that lies ahead. During the race, drivers spend hours in their vehicles traveling at breakneck speeds. Many fans have wondered whether IndyCar drivers go to the toilet during these races.

IndyCar drivers use the bathroom before races to prevent needing to go during a race. The high temperatures in a car while racing also results in drivers sweating, which reduces the need to urinate. IndyCar drivers are also known to use salt tablets to prevent needing the bathroom during a race.

In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about whether IndyCar drivers use the toilet during the race. While these drivers have remained notoriously mum about this issue, we have the answers to your questions!

Do IndyCar Drivers Use The Bathroom While Racing?

During a racing season, Indycar drivers have a rigorous schedule. There are very strict routines followed by drivers before and after races. These routines are in place to ensure drivers are fully prepared for their upcoming race. During the race they’ve been gearing up for, Indycar drivers spend hours on end in their vehicles.

Due to this, there’s a question about the lives of Indycar drivers that fans have often wondered about: can they use the bathroom during a race? Unfortunately for Indycar fans, drivers have often remained tight-lipped about whether they use they relieve themselves during races.

If nature calls for a Indycar driver during a race, it’s their call to answer… if they decide to. “I just pee myself,”No one wants to hit a wall with a full bladder” Said Indy Car driver Will Power. (awesome name!) You burst that bladder you’re in big trouble.”

If a driver can hold it, they will. However, if they can’t, they need to do what they need to do You just time it for a safe place. As Graham Rahal said “You wait until you’re on the straightaway and then you do it,”

Of course, this has led to other questions about whether Indycar drivers ever use diapers during races. Once again, this will vary between drivers. However, you’re unlikely to find Indycar drivers commenting on this matter. However, there are reasons why Indycar drivers don’t typically need to use the bathroom during races – and it’s not just because they use the toilet before a race.

What Indycar Drivers Eat And Drink Before Racing

In the previous section, we mentioned the rigid routine followed by Indycar drivers. As you can imagine, this extends to their diet. However, we’re not just talking about their diets in general. The inside of a driver’s car during a race is a high-stress environment. What a driver eats and drinks beforehand plays a crucial role in their overall performance.

Ultimately, what each driver eats and drinks before a race will vary between them. However, there are some general foods that are commonly eaten beforehand. Many drivers will eat foods like eggs, bacon, sausages, and yogurt before a race. The foods that drivers eat are high in protein without putting on extra weight.

However, hydration before a race is essential. IndyCar drivers always talk about how hydration before a race is crucial for them. In fact, when drivers becomes dehydrated, their calves will start cramping, which can be detrimental for a driver, especially during a race. it can also cause confusion, cramps elsewhere and loss of focus. None of which are advised when driving, never mind driving at 220 miles an hour.

Besides a driver’s diet before a race, there’s another aspect to consider here regarding how drivers prepare for a race. This aspect plays an important role in why Indycar drivers generally don’t need to use the toilet during their races.

Do IndyCar Drivers Go To The Toilet During A Race

Why Indycar Drivers Don’t Usually Need To Use The Toilet During Races

Of course, one of the main reasons a Indycar driver doesn’t need to use the bathroom during a raceOpens in a new tab. is because they use it beforehand. As we discussed above, their diet before a race is also crucial, particularly hydration. There’s a reason hydration before a race is so important!

As any Indycar fan will tell you, these races are both about speed and endurance. However, this leads to extreme temperatures in cars during these races. In fact, the temperature in an Indycar driver’s car can reach heights of 130 degrees Fahrenheit while racing.

When the body sweats, lots of fluid is released. In turn, this reduces the need to urinate. As you can imagine, the heat in a driver’s car results in lots of sweating. Ultimately, this helps reduce the need to urinate during a race. You might be surprised to learn that a Indycar driver can lose up to 12 pounds of fluid during a race due to the extreme heat.

Many drivers also utilize salt tablets, which reduces the risk of them needing to go to the toilet during a race. While Indycar drivers generally don’t use the bathroom while driving, you might be wondering whether the same applies to drinking and eating while they’re on the racetrack.


Do Indycar Drivers Drink Or Eat While Racing?

Like the aspects discussed above, whether a Indycar driver eats or drinks before a race will vary. However, we also mentioned the intense heat that drivers experience within their vehicles during racingOpens in a new tab.. Due to this, many Indycar drivers need to drink some water during a race.

Of course, a driver doesn’t want to drink so much water that they need to use the bathroom. In fact, there are specialized hydration systems installed in Indycar vehicles and F1 cars that keep replenishing fluids cold for the drivers. Some utilize these systems to take sips throughout a race.

There can also be a drink bagOpens in a new tab. next to the drivers knee during the race that they can drink from.

There are also many drivers that prefer not to drink or eat at all during their races. Ultimately, every Indycar driver has to find the solution that works best for them.


Before a race, an Indycar driver will control their diet and go to the bathroom beforehand. The heat within the vehicles means that drivers sweat a lot, which helps reduce the need to go to the bathroom while racing. Many drivers also use salt tablets to prevent needing the toilet during these fast-paced races.

However as with drivers in NASCAR, Rally or F1 when you gotta go, you gotta go! Although not the most enjoyable of experiences for a race driver its better than losing a race!



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