Do Nascar Drivers Go Home Between NASCAR Races?

The life of a Nascar driver seems like an exciting one! After all, they get to drive at breakneck speeds around circuits all over the world. However, people have many misconceptions about the lives of Nascar drives between races. However as exciting as it surely is long times away from home can be challenging. Do NASCAR drivers go home between races?

Nascar drivers do not get to go home between races due to their rigorous routines during race weeks. However, their families often travel with them between locations. While a Nascar season lasts tenth months, there are major breaks throughout the season when drivers are allowed to go home.

In this article, we’re going to explain everything you want to know about the lives of Nascar drivers between races. We’ll look at why they can’t go home between races, what a typical week in their life looks like, and when they do get to go home during a Nascar season.

Can A Nascar Driver Go Home Between Races?

Founded in 1948, the landscape of Nascar racing has rapidly evolved. Today, more than 1500 races are hosted every year across different series. While many Nascar fans are familiar with their favorite drivers on the track, they still have questions regarding their lives off the track.

Any given Nascar race can have up to forty-three drivers competing. These drivers have a penance for racing and a high tolerance for risk. After all, these drivers are tasked with racing hundreds of miles – all that at speeds ranging between 160 and 200 miles/hour.

However, some Nascar fans have a skewed perception of what a Nascar driver’s job entails. This misconception is that these drivers show up, complete the race, and then get to go home. With a job as physically and mentally straining as a Nascar driverOpens in a new tab., you’d think they’d want to rest at home after a race.

Unfortunately, the life of a Nascar driver does not accommodate this. Drivers only get one day to recover after a race before it’s back to their usual racing routine. This means that Nascar drivers do not go home between different races. There’s a reason these drivers cannot go home between races: they’re part of a team.

Nascar Drivers Are Part Of The Team

While Nascar drivers do receive significant recognition from fans, it’s important to remember that they are part of a team. To understand why Nascar drivers cannot go home between races, you need to have a better understanding of their team dynamics.

Nascar teams are comprised of up to two drivers and a pit crew. While the number of team members differs between teams, there are certain core roles that need to be filled. These roles include crew chief, car chief, jackman, tire changer, and more.

These team members play an integral role in Nascar racing, albeit mostly behind the scenes. The life of a Nascar pit crew member is generally just as demanding as that of the driver. There are rigorous workout routines for pit crew members to stay fit throughout a racing season, which lasts ten months overall.

Due to the intense nature of these racing seasons, no member of a Nascar team – driver or crew member – can go home between races. On the rare occasion where races are near hometown exceptions may be made of course. For a better understanding of the day-to-day lives of Nascar drivers during a racing season, we can look at the general timeline of a race week.

Do Nascar Drivers Go Home Between NASCAR Races
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What Do Nascar Drivers Do Between Races?  

As we established above, Nascar team members cannot usually go home between races. Generally, their routines are very fixed between races in a series. For a better understanding of what a Nascar driver does at a race, we can look at a typical Nascar race week for answers!

Day of the WeekTasks and Duties to be performed.
SundaySunday is, as we all know, race day for Nascar drivers and fans! These days typically start with a sponsor meeting, where drivers are asked questions about the race and season that lie ahead. The drivers in a race meet thirty minutes before the race starts. These races last for several hours.
MondayMonday is a day that Nascar drivers do not spend on the track. This day is usually dedicated to recovering from the previous day. There may also be victories to celebrate on this day for race wins! This day also might include sponsor events where drivers meet Nascar fans.
TuesdayOn Tuesday testing for the next race begins, Nascar drivers and their teams go test their vehicles. The crew chief and their team will perform various tests to find the optimal setup for the next race track. aside from the actual race days these can be long and challenging.
WednesdayTesting and adjustments continue throughout Wednesday to make sure the car is race ready for the coming weekend.
ThursdayOn Thursdays during race week, drivers travel to the next race’s destination. Many drivers travel with their families, staying in motorhomes parked at the tracks. While they don’t get to go home between races, they get some family time next to the track!
FridayBesides race day, Friday is one of the most critical days during race week. This is when the Qualifying is held. Of course, the qualifying times determine the race’s starting lineup. That’s why this is a crucial day for Nascar drivers.
SaturdayOn Saturdays, Nascar teams use data from the previous day’s qualifying laps to strategize before the race. On this day, the team is under a lot of pressure to get the driver’s car ready for the race the following day.

When Do Nascar Drivers Go Home?

Given that Nascar drivers cannot go home between races, you may be wondering when they do get to go home during the season. As we mentioned earlier, there are instances where Nascar drivers travel with their familiesOpens in a new tab. between races to the next circuit. However, this doesn’t count as going home!

While a Nascar season spans ten months of the year, there are major breaks during the season. Racing takes a lot out of the team and the cars and these breaks are needed to keep both fresh and at the top of their game! During these designated breaks, drivers can return home. Of course, drivers are also able to go home during the remaining two months of the year.

While Nascar drivers cannot go home after each race, they do have many opportunities throughout the year to spend time with their loved ones. From traveling with their families on the road to returning home during breaks, Nascar drivers do get to spend time with their families throughout the year!

Where Do NASCAR Drivers Stay During the Racing Season?

Anyone who has travelled for work will know that the novelty wears off pretty quickly. You accrue thousands of air miles and no time to use them, you are constantly in different cities with people you don’t know, and the hotel room no matter how expensive and large is just not quite home.

These feelings extend to NASCAR Drivers as well. Once established, and sometimes before, NASCAR drivers can invest in a RV to be taken to the tracks. Although obviously not as large as their homes, it is good as a home away from home.

These RVs can cost considerable amounts, over a million dollars and upto 2 million for the real top end models. We have a larger article on NASCAR drivers RV vehicles here. Some of them are really awesome.


In this article, we explained everything you wanted to know about when Nascar drivers get to go home. From a typical race week to breaks in the season, there are plenty of opportunities for a Nascar driver to see their loved ones, both on the road and at home. However the constant travelling and time away from loved ones will take it out of all of us, and NASCAR drivers feel that just like the rest of us.



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