How Much does it Cost to Watch a Nascar Race?

NASCAR is a premier sporting event, and as expected, has a ticket price to match. Prices of NASCAR Tickets can range of course depending on the division, race and seat you wish to use. Cheaper options may be able to be found on race days, or failing everything else you can watch on TV!

The cost of NASCAR tickets varies depending on the event, division, track and availability of tickets. A Camping world Truck Series ticket can cost as little as 11 dollars, whereas a NASCAR Daytona 500 ticket can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Early bird, and pre purchase deals can help to mitigate costs.

Stock car racing has humble beginnings, but it has evolved over the decades into a big money event with costs of racing and submitting teams rising year on year. (you can check out the rough costs here in our article on the cost of NASCAROpens in a new tab.)

There are of course winnings to be had, and sponsors to attract but some of these costs have to be passed on to fans, be it in ticket sales, merchandise or TV Subscription packages. To be successful, a team will need elite drivers and invest in engines, cres and cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and more likely to be competitive millions of dollar. This money has to come from somewhere.

So NASCAR races are expensive affairs, not only to race in the event, but also for the spectators to attend. You have to take into consideration the variable ticket prices, travel expenses and lodging, food and of course any souvenirs. and of course how many people you are taking. We have a more detailed article on taking the kids to nascarOpens in a new tab. here.

But these costs do very little to stand in the way of attending the event for true NASCAR fans.Lets take a look how much MASCAR tickets on a race day may cost you.

NASCAR Ticket Costs Vary Depending on Location, Race and Division

Typically, IndyCar and Truck Series tickets are different from the Nationwide Series tickets and cup tickets. While there are costs to consider that vary based on the city or location, souvenirs, and travel costs, parking on the speedway is usually free.

Depending on the package chosen, the average ticket price for a NASCAR Race is between $30 and over $100 for standard tickets and above $1000 for VIPs with prawn sandwiches included 😉

NASCAR, XFINITY, TRUCK and Other Ticket costs.

The following table contains the estimated cost of a ticket per person in the various racetracks or events:

Race Tracks/ Events/ PassesStarting Cost Range Per Person in USD (Estimated)The Cost Varies Based on
Cup series$30 to $60The time of booking and where you go
Xfinity Series$25 and $50 
Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series$15 to $40 
Hollywood Casino 400 playoff races   Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series$65 for adult$30 for 12-year-old and belowSome races are free of charge for children under 12 when accompanied by a paying adult.
Nationwide SeriesFrom $65Venue and package
‘Garage Tour’ passes$180 
‘Pre-race Pit Passes’$140Race weekends

Most Expensive NASCAR Tracks

Daytona 500 is usually compared to the Superbowl based on prestige and value. Daytona 500 tickets are divided into the primary and secondary markets, but the difference usually is not that significant. Its front stretch seating can be between $174 and $695, with different packages that price can stretch into thousands of dollars.

As a premier racetrack, Daytona International Speedway requires as much as $257.43 on average. Seating at the back of the venue can be as little as $49.00 a ticket and is as much as $2387 if you want to be closer to the action. This will depend on the race though.

The Bristol Motor Speedway, with 162,000-people grandstands, is one of the most popular tracks, with two appearances: Xfinity Series and Cup Series in a year. Bristol Motor Speedway can cost an average of $209.82, or as low as $32.00 a ticket to attend a live event, and $1396.00 for premium seating with unobstructed views.

On the other hand, NASCAR’s crown jewel, Darlington Raceway, is a challenging race track and one of the oldest. On average, Darlington tickets’ cost is $113.60 or can go as low as $67. Premium seating and near the action will cost you around $324.00.

f NASCAR tickets varies depending on the event, division, track and availability of tickets.

Cheapest Tracks

The cheapest tickets for the current racing season (2022) start at $11.00. For a race on march 11 for example for camping World Camping TrucOpens in a new tab.k race in Las Vegas! Now that’s a good deal!

NASCAR tickets are a hot item, and given the tight racing schedule, the prices are not constant; they fluctuate between races and tracks.

Some of the variables affecting the ticket price include the seating location, the grandstands’ size, the track, the time of the race, and the racing series. So its not necessarily which tracks are cheapest but which races.

Usually, the NASCAR cup series races will require the deepest pockets, while the Truck Series are much more budget-friendly in the national touring division. Another cheaper option is the Xfinity Series races and of course ARCA races.

For the truly short on budget, there are supersaver tickets. But they come with a caveat: these are usually not amendable or refundable.Check for the terms and conditions when purchasing any ticket.

How Much Have NASCAR Costs and Ticket Prices Gone Up?

Prices go up is not going to be news to most of us. However if we take Daytona 500 tickets as an example, the seating reduction in 2016 has certainly done nothing for prices with the pricesOpens in a new tab. this years even on February 20th ranging from 174 dollars for the ”cheap” seats, to 1200 dollars for the more expensive seats. (according to

On the positive side for all of us fan, NASCAR tickets are still considerably cheaper than NFL super tickets for example! Last years Superbowl was upwards of 5000 Dollars for a ticket at some points.

Along with the ticket prices, and costs, the prize money has been growing, and this, together with the other factors, have driven the ticket prices to their current highs.

For example, in 2015, Joey Logano, the race winner at the Daytona 500 that year, pocketed US$ 1.6 million. In 2020 the winning driver netted over US$ 2 million, the largest in American motorsport history. Realistically if costs have to be cut then perhaps drivers at this end of the driving pyramid could take a cut to help the fans as well.

Why is it Expensive?

NASCAR is an entirely different animal than it was in 1947 when it first started. It now has more expensive racing equipment, advanced vehicles and engineering, elite teams and broadcasting rights, coupled with better safety recordsOpens in a new tab. and attendance!

While NASCAR teams and race have increased their sponsorship deals, the costs are ever increasing. Much of the NASCAR revenue is from ticket sales, broadcast rights, sponsorship and merchandise. However with COVID over the last two years this income has taken a hit, like all major sporting events.

In the 90s, NASCAR fans used to crowd the NASCAR speedways, souvenir and snack stalls, however this has been declining since 2005. The attendance numbers have been lowering as well. One solution (all to often used) is that ticket prices have to go up to bridge the revenue gap.

The cost of hosting the events and having an elite team has increased year on year. This cost has to be spread out between the spectators, the sponsors and the TV networks.

There are also behind the scenes expenses like arranging the race, spare parts and transporting the vehicles that add to the cost. In addition, researching, developing and maintaining the cars, not to mention the team costs, such as accommodation, salaries and travel, and track maintenance, is expensive.

With increases expenses come increased costs, this is as true of anything else as it is true in NASCAR.

Do NASCAR Drivers Eat During a Race.

How to Get Cheaper Tickets for Nascar

You can get NASCAR tickets at the gate as long as it is not after the event’s halfway timer. But this is usually a gamble and more expensive. Especially on the showpiece events at Daytona, Talladega and others.

The best way is to pre-order as it gets you the best tickets, and you can choose which add-on experiences that fit your budget. Events, locations and packages are widespread, and with little typing into the computer you can find your budget-friendly event and package. Some of the larger ticket vendors are listed below.

Final Thoughts

Nascar can certainly be expensive if you are looking to get NASCAR tickets to all the cup series events of a season. however if you want a fun family day out then looking a little further down the leagues will offer more financially friendly options.

Xfinity, Truck and ARCA all offer races for much less than the Cup series, and if you are looking to take the family then you should consider these.

The big blue ribbon races can be shown on TV and even a pay per view and an Barbecue in the back garden is cheaper than a ticket for one in this case!

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