Where in the World is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A?

NASCAR, the crown jewel of American motorsports, has thundered its way from the racetracks of the southern United States to international circuits and screens. Rooted in a uniquely American history, this high-octane sport is now seeking to etch its mark on the global stage.

NASCAR’s popularity is expanding across the U.S. borders, and finding fans in Canada’s Pinty’s Series, Mexico’s PEAK Series, and Europe’s Whelen Euro Series. From North American tracks to European circuits, NASCAR’s international appeal is steadily on the rise.

However, transposing a sport so steeped in American culture to an international audience presents both challenges and opportunities. How does NASCAR navigate these waters? What lies ahead in its quest for global recognition?

What Countries is NASCAR Popular?

While the USA is the undisputed king when it comes to NASCAR popularity that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have dedicated fans outside of the borders of America. We take a look at where else in the world you may find NASCAR fans.

Is NASCAR Popular in Canada:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in canada

NASCAR Pinty’s Series: Canada’s own NASCAR-sanctioned stock car racing series shows the significant appeal of NASCAR-style racing in the country. Launched in 2007, the series travels across Canada, showcasing tracks from British Columbia to Quebec.

Over the years, local talents like D.J. Kennington, Andrew Ranger, and L.P. Dumoulin have made a name in the series. In addition, Canadian races often draw large crowds, especially in tracks near urban centers like Toronto.

The multicultural fabric of cities like Toronto and Vancouver also offers a chance for NASCAR to tap into diverse fan bases, presenting an opportunity for even wider acceptance of the sport.

Is NASCAR Popular in Mexico:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in mexico

NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series: Since its inception in 2004, the series has garnered a significant following. Races take place across Mexico, from Aguascalientes to Monterrey.

Talents like Daniel Suárez, who transitioned from the Mexican series to the main NASCAR circuits, have bolstered the sport’s visibility in the country.

The cultural affinity for motorsports, coupled with NASCAR’s investment in the region, has seen substantial fan engagement.

Historically, events like the Desafío (Challenge) position the series as a unique motorsport offering in a market dominated by traditional auto racing.

Is NASCAR Popular in Australia:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in Australia

While Australia is home to its revered Supercars Championship, there is a segment of motorsport enthusiasts who have shown interest in NASCAR. The high-powered, close-quarter nature of both sports offers similarities that are appreciated by fans.

Though NASCAR doesn’t have a dedicated series down under, events and news related to it are followed, especially when Australians like Marcos Ambrose Opens in a new tab.make their mark in the U.S. circuits.

Digital platforms and video games have also played a role in familiarizing the Australian audience with NASCAR, albeit on a smaller scale compared to their native motorsports.

Is NASCAR Popular in UK and Europe:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in UK

Europe’s affinity for motorsports is undeniable, with Formula 1 reigning supreme. However, within the UK, there’s a niche following for NASCAR. Dedicated fan clubs, viewing parties, and even select broadcasts of major NASCAR events showcase the sport’s presence.

Some circuits in Europe, like the Brands Hatch in the UK, have hosted Euro NASCAR events, further embedding the sport into European motorsport culture.

Countries like Germany, France, and Spain, with their rich motorsport history, also have pockets of NASCAR enthusiasts who appreciate the distinct racing style it offers, we look at a few European countries where NASCAR is popular below.

Is NASCAR Popular in France:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in france

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, which started in 2012, has given Europe a taste of American stock car racing. France, with its established motorsport culture rooted in Formula 1 and endurance racing (like the 24 Hours of Le Mans), has been part of this Euro Series.

Circuit tours in France, coupled with local talents participating, have brought NASCAR’s unique style of racing to the French audience.

The Euro Series also benefits from the mix of professional drivers and passionate amateurs, making it relatable to a wider group of motorsport enthusiasts.

Is NASCAR Popular in Italy:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in italy

Italians and their love for cars and motorsport need no introduction. While Formula 1 and MotoGP are the primary focal points, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has made its rounds in Italy as well.

Italian drivers and teams participating in the series have added a local flavor to the races, capturing the attention of the Italian motorsport community.

Though it’s a niche following compared to the country’s mainstay racing events, NASCAR has made its mark.

Is NASCAR Popular in Spain:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in spain

Spain’s motorsport scene is diverse, from the two-wheel MotoGP dominion to Formula 1 circuits like Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series has also touched Spanish shores, with events and local talents taking center stage.

As a country that often appreciates the spectacle of sports, the close-quarter, bumper-to-bumper action of NASCAR-style racing offers something refreshingly different from the usual motorsport menu, attracting a dedicated Spanish audience.

Exploring NASCAR’s presence globally reveals a tapestry of cultures and communities that, while diverse, share a passion for speed, strategy, and spectacle. Each country adds its own flavor to the sport, further enriching its global narrative.

Is NASCAR Popular in Japan:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in japan

Japan’s foray into NASCAR is more historic than current. In the late 1990s, Japan hosted a series of NASCAR exhibition races, known as the “NASCAR Thunder Special”.

These events took place at the Suzuka Circuit and Twin Ring Motegi. Notable NASCAR drivers, including Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon, participated. While these events were short-lived, they showcased NASCAR to a Japanese audience familiar with motorsports, given the country’s deep roots in Formula 1 and local series like Super GT.

The legacy of these events and the global nature of digital media ensures that there remains an awareness of NASCAR in Japan, even if it’s not at the forefront of its motorsport scene.

Is NASCAR Popular in Brazil:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in brazil

South America’s largest nation is synonymous with motorsport, primarily because of its Formula 1 legacy and icons like Ayrton Senna.

While open-wheel racing remains dominant, Brazil’s diverse motorsport fanbase has shown interest in NASCAR. Brazilian drivers like Nelson Piquet Jr. and Miguel Paludo, who participated in various NASCAR series, have brought the sport closer to the Brazilian audience.

Their success and visibility give NASCAR a reference point in a country where car culture is deeply entrenched.

Is NASCAR Popular in New Zealand:

Where is NASCAR Popular Outside of the U.S.A? is nascar popular in new Zealand

New Zealand, much like its neighbor Australia, has a rich motorsport culture. The V8 Supercars Championship has a considerable following, and this car culture spills over to a curiosity and interest in NASCAR.

While NASCAR’s presence isn’t as pronounced as in other countries, there’s an audience, especially among motorsport purists, who appreciate the intricacies of stock car racing. Kiwi race enthusiasts often track international racing events, and NASCAR is on that list, even if it doesn’t top it.

Challenges and Opportunities for NASCAR’s Global Expansion


  1. Cultural Disconnect: NASCAR’s roots are deeply embedded in American culture, especially in the southern U.S. This historical and cultural significance may not resonate as strongly with international audiences as it does domestically.
  2. Dominance of Local Motorsports: Many countries have entrenched motorsport traditions, like Formula 1 in Europe or V8 Supercars in Australia. Competing with these well-established entities can be a tall order.
  3. Lack of Local Tracks: NASCAR requires specific tracks and facilities. Not every country has the infrastructure in place to accommodate stock car racing without significant investments.
  4. Time Zone Differences: Live broadcasts of races are crucial for fan engagement. However, races occurring in U.S. time zones may not align well with peak viewing times in other countries.
  5. Branding and Localization: The NASCAR brand, while strong in the U.S., might need modifications or local ambassadors to resonate in different cultural contexts.


  1. Digital Media and Streaming: With the rise of digital platforms, races can be streamed worldwide, enabling fans from any corner of the globe to tune in. This can be particularly effective if coupled with localized commentary or content.
  2. Video Games and Simulations: Platforms like iRacing and the official NASCAR video games offer a virtual introduction to the sport, allowing fans worldwide to get a taste of NASCAR racing.
  3. Local Talent: Drivers from various countries participating in NASCAR events can act as ambassadors, bringing the sport closer to their native lands. The success of international drivers in NASCAR can be a huge draw for foreign audiences.
  4. NASCAR Events and Exhibitions: Organizing events or exhibition races in different countries can directly introduce the sport to new audiences. These can be coupled with fan experiences, merchandise sales, and other promotional activities.
  5. Collaborations with Local Racing Entities: Partnering with existing motorsport organizations can provide a platform for NASCAR to be introduced or integrated into local racing calendars.

The global expansion of any sport is fraught with challenges, but with the right strategy and understanding of local cultures, NASCAR has the potential to further its reach and fan base.


NASCAR has made its mark not just on American soil but is revving up to capture attention worldwide. As we’ve seen, our beloved sport has made inroads in countries far from home.

The tracks might be different, and the crowds might speak other languages, but the thrill of NASCAR racing remains universal.

Here’s to hoping we see more international tracks and fans cheering for those checkered flags in the future!



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