The Best IndyCar Movies of All Time

IndyCar racing, with its breakneck speeds, skilled drivers, and storied tracks like the Indianapolis 500, has long captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Yet, in the cinematic world, this thrilling sport often takes a backseat to other motorsports genres. But for those in the know, there exists a collection of films that while not a numerous still give the IndyCar fan a reminder of the sports challenges and glories.

IndyCar has inspired a few movies over the years. Top picks include ‘Winning’ with Paul Newman capturing ’60s racing spirit, ‘Driven’ showcasing intense rivalries, and ‘Turbo’—a cartoon nod to the Indianapolis 500. Documentaries like ‘Indy 500: The Inside Line’ and ‘Born Racer’ offer authentic insights.

These movies provide an adrenaline-infused lens into the world of open-wheel racing. Whether based on real events or not , they spotlight the sheer determination and passion that define IndyCar. Dive into our selection of the best IndyCar movies that every racing aficionado must watch. Then you can check out the NASCAR movies linked here and below as well.

1. “Winning” (1969)

  • Plot Summary: “Winning” offers a compelling narrative surrounding the life of Frank Capua, a racing enthusiast who rises through the ranks to chase the prestigious Indianapolis 500 title. Yet, as his track successes grow, his personal life begins to unravel, showcasing the often-turbulent balance between professional aspiration and personal sacrifice.
  • Significance to IndyCar: One of the film’s major highlights is its authentic portrayal of the world of IndyCar racing during the 1960s. It seamlessly merges storytelling with actual footage from the Indianapolis 500, offering viewers a genuine taste of the racing atmosphere and the magnetic pull of the sport.
  • Key Moments: A particularly striking scene is when Capua, played by Paul Newman, is amidst the roar of engines at the starting line, encapsulating the tension and excitement that defines the Indy 500. the intimate moments illustrating the strain on his marital life effectively contrast the adrenaline of racing with the quiet disarray of personal relationships.

2. “Driven” (2001)

  • Plot Summary: “Driven” dives into the ChampCar World Series’ intense world, bringing to life the story of veteran racer Joe Tanto. Played by Sylvester Stallone, Tanto is brought out of semi-retirement to mentor a promising, yet unpredictable young driver. Through the duo, the film navigates the challenges and pressures of professional racing.
  • Significance to IndyCar: While the movie doesn’t specifically follow the IndyCar series, its essence resonates with the passion, danger, and competitiveness synonymous with open-wheel racing. “Driven” paints a vivid picture of the physical and mental challenges racers face, making it relatable to the IndyCar community.
  • Key Moments: The film’s race sequences are its crowning glory, with heart-stopping crashes, intense rivalries, and last-minute overtakes. A standout scene involves a dramatic race in the rain, highlighting the racers’ skill and the unpredictable nature of the sport.

3. “Turbo” (2013)

  • Plot Summary: Far from the realistic takes of other racing films, “Turbo” introduces audiences to a plucky garden snail named Theo, who dreams of speed. After a freak accident, he gains incredible velocity, adopting the moniker “Turbo.” With this newfound speed, Turbo aspires to compete in the ultimate racing event: the Indianapolis 500. Aided by a motley crew of other snails and a taco vendor, Turbo embarks on an adventure to achieve the seemingly impossible.
  • Significance to IndyCar: While “Turbo” is an animated family film, it uniquely elevates the profile of IndyCar racing by placing the Indianapolis 500 at its narrative core. Through a snail’s eyes, the movie celebrates the spirit of IndyCar, highlighting the theme that anyone, regardless of their background, can have big dreams and achieve them.
  • Key Moments: Turbo’s first realization of his speed, contrasted against his previously slow nature, is a delightful watch. The climax, featuring the snail’s participation in the Indy 500, is filled with thrilling racing moments, witty one-liners, and a heartwarming message about perseverance and believing in oneself.
The Best IndyCar Movies of All Time

Documentaries & Notable Mentions

  • “Indy 500: The Inside Line” (2012)
    • Overview: Going beyond fiction, “Indy 500: The Inside Line” offers audiences a rare behind-the-scenes look at the 2012 Indianapolis 500. It provides insights into the rigorous preparations, strategies, and the sheer willpower required to compete in this iconic event.
    • Importance: This documentary stands out by granting viewers an intimate perspective of the Indy 500, free from the usual glamour and theatrics. It showcases the raw emotions, from the euphoria of victory to the heartbreak of defeat, encapsulating the true essence of IndyCar racing.
    • Key Moments: The sequences involving pit-stop strategies highlight the synergy between the drivers and their teams, underlining that racing is as much a team sport as it is an individual endeavor. Additionally, candid interviews with racers offer personal insights into their mindset and determination.
  • “Born Racer” (2018)
    • Overview: Delving into the life and career of the four-time IndyCar World Champion Scott Dixon, “Born Racer” is a riveting exploration of what drives a person to constantly risk it all in the pursuit of victory.
    • Importance: The documentary offers an unparalleled understanding of the dedication, tenacity, and risks involved in the world of IndyCar racing. It goes beyond the helmet, presenting Scott Dixon not just as a racer but as a human being with fears, aspirations, and a family.
    • Key Moments: Behind-the-scenes footage of Dixon’s crash during the 2017 Indy 500 serves as a stark reminder of the perils of the sport. Meanwhile, intimate moments with his family shed light on the emotional rollercoaster faced by those closest to the racers.


IndyCar racing, with its pretty much unmatched velocity, iconic tracks, and unparalleled passion, provides a great backdrop for tales of ambition, sacrifice, and thrill. From real-life narratives that take us behind the visor of legendary racers to animated tales reminding us of the boundless scope of dreams, these films and documentaries capture the spirit of the sport in diverse ways.

“Winning” takes us on a nostalgia-filled ride into the heart of 1960s racing. “Driven,” despite its cinematic liberties, conveys the intensity of track rivalries. “Turbo,” though a departure from reality, is an imaginative ode to the Indianapolis 500, one of racing’s most hallowed events.

And documentaries like “Indy 500: The Inside Line” and “Born Racer” serve as poignant reminders of the relentless dedication and peril inherent to this adrenaline-packed sport.

They remind us why racing, especially IndyCar, remains a sport of unparalleled passion, one where the spirit of competition melds seamlessly with tales worth telling on the silver screen.



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