How to Stay Dry at a NASCAR Race?

While a day at a NASCAR race provides an adrenaline-pumping experience, sometimes the weather has other more damp plans. Rainy days can put a damper (ha!) on the racing excitement, turning a thrilling day into a soggy drawn out ordeal.

To protect yourself from rain at a NASCAR race it is worth investing in a quality rain poncho, or rain suit, protect your electronics, wear quick-drying clothes, and take note of rain shelters or covered seating at the track. Small umbrellas may be accepted but check before you arrive at the race.

No one wants to leave a race looking like they’ve completed a marathon in the rain! But don’t worry – with the right preparation, you can ensure you’re dry and comfortable, no matter what the weather throws your way.

In this guide, we’ll explore how you can enjoy your NASCAR race experience, rain or shine.

Understanding Weather Predictions

Before setting foot at a NASCAR race, arm yourself with the most crucial tool: knowledge. Understanding weather predictions is vital to ensuring you’re well prepared. Reliable weather forecasts provide crucial information about the likelihood of rain, wind speeds, temperatures, and more.

Sources like the National Weather Service or popular weather apps like AccuWeather Opens in a new tab.and Opens in a new tab.offer up-to-date, detailed forecasts. Always check the weather predictions for the race day and keep an eye on updates.

Remember, NASCAR races often last for several hours, so consider forecasts for the entire duration of the event, not just the starting time. This will help you plan accordingly and stay dry during the entire event.

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Gear Up: Choosing the Right Rain Poncho for NASCAR Races

In the world of outdoor events, a good-quality rain poncho can be a game-changer. It’s your personal shelter, a barrier between you and the relentless rain. When choosing a poncho, consider its material first. Waterproof, durable, and breathable materials offer the best protection. We have a selection of reasonably priced options here linked in but of course color and size are something you can choose!

Next, consider the design. Does it cover enough of your body? Is it easy to put on and take off? Look for ponchos with hoods for added protection some even come with visors to keep the rain off your face! they also come in unisex, male and female and of course kids sizes as well.

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We have a selection from amazon in the links on this page as well as some links to other rain protection that may be useful if you are in for an extended downpour at your NASCAR race. Sometimes, and especially if you are going to stay in the bleachers, you might need a more comprehensive rain cover that includes your legs. ( we can confirm water running into your shoes is not enjoyable at all)

for those then potentially a full rain suit might be more useful.

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Invest in Rain Protection Accessories

Rain ponchos provide good body coverage, but a rainy NASCAR race calls for a more comprehensive approach to staying dry. Essential rain protection accessories like waterproof hats, bags, and boots offer additional defense against downpours.

You can also go for a full rain suit, which is basically a poncho with waterproof legs, which while hot will keep the water out, getting a breathable one is our best advice here, especially if its a summer storm with the humidity that comes with it.

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A waterproof hat or cap will shield your face from the rain and prevent water from trickling down your neck. Waterproof bags are crucial to keep your belongings, like cellphones and wallets, dry. And waterproof boots?

They’ll keep your feet warm and dry even in puddles but we don’t need to send you to waterproof boots from here, a simple search will work as you wont be buying waterproof shoes just to attend a NASCAR race we think! .

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Can You Bring Umbrellas to a NASCAR Race?

Navigating the rules of what you can and can’t bring to a NASCAR race can be tricky, especially when it comes to umbrellas. While an umbrella seems like an ideal solution to fend off the rain, the rules can vary depending on the specific racetrack’s policies.

Generally, many tracks do allow small, personal-sized umbrellas. However, large golf umbrellas or non-collapsible versions may not be permitted due to visibility concerns for other fans. It’s always recommended to check the specific guidelines of the racetrack you are attending.

Remember, though an umbrella can offer personal protection from the rain, it should be used courteously, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct the view of your fellow race fans.

Also, consider other options like ponchos and rain suits mentioned above that can be less obtrusive while still keeping you dry.

Don’t Forget Your Equipment: Safeguarding Electronics

A memorable NASCAR race often includes capturing moments with our electronic devices. But rain poses a significant threat to these devices. Hence, safeguarding electronics is vital. Weather-resistant covers for cameras, smartphones, and other tech are crucial to keeping your equipment functioning correctly.

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Remember, keeping your electronics dry ensures that you can capture the exciting moments of the race without any worry. A simple waterproof case will work, although plenty of phones also come with waterproofing built it, so maybe you can use it to keep your cash in, which is certainly less waterproof!

Dressing Smart: Clothing Choices for Rainy NASCAR Days

Just as crucial as your outer rain protection is what you wear underneath. Your clothing choices can significantly impact how dry and comfortable you feel during a rainy NASCAR event. Choose clothing made of quick-drying materials, like synthetic fabrics, rather than cotton, which retains moisture.

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Layering is a smart move—wear a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat at bay, an insulating middle layer for warmth, and your waterproof outer layer for rain protection. We have a product we have linked above but any wick able, waterproof and certainly breathable top will do you just fine.

Practical Tips on Staying Dry

Beyond gear, your strategies at the race can also play a significant role in staying dry. Your seating choice matters – covered seating or high stands can provide additional shelter from the rain.

Consider packing spare clothes, especially socks, to change into in case you get wet. Use umbrellas during pre-race or post-race events for extra protection just be aware of the people behind you when you are using them.

If allowed, bringing your own canopy or pop-up tent can also offer a safe and dry haven from the downpour. if you are camping this wont be an issue but in you are in the stands it most likely will be.

Keeping your gear stored in waterproof or resistant containers will ensure they stay dry until you need them. you can get backpack liners if your pack isn’t that waterproof, or a simple plastic bag will work jsut as well.

Through a blend of careful planning and smart decisions, you can effectively ensure a dry NASCAR experience, regardless of the weather conditions.


Embracing the NASCAR experience requires a little planning, especially when it comes to unpredictable weather. Staying dry is not just about comfort, but it’s about ensuring the race day stays enjoyable, rain or shine.

By following the advice shared in this guide, from choosing the right rain ponchos to dressing smart and employing practical tips, you are well-equipped to tackle a rainy race day head-on.

So gear up, plan ahead, and dive into the exhilarating world of NASCAR, confident in your preparation for any weather that comes your way.

Product Links

In this guide, we’ve highlighted several top-notch products to keep you dry at a NASCAR race. However you know you, and you can follow those to give you some ideas but it boil down to a host of factors on what will suits you best.

  • how long do you need them for
  • will you use them again
  • your budget
  • how many you need
  • can you use them for other activities

so while we offer some advice you, you can adapt that for what ever suits your the best.

Remember, investing in high-quality rain gear is investing in a comfortable, enjoyable NASCAR experience and most of these items will of course be useful in other all weather activities as well.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in preparing for your next NASCAR race day, and we wish you an exciting, dry race ahead.


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