Which Sunglasses Do Nascar Drivers Wear?

Whether it’s for fashion or function, or both, NASCAR drivers are frequently seen wearing stylish sunglasses built for the racetrack, both at competitive events and out in public. You may be wondering which sunglasses NASCAR drivers wear. If you’re looking to learn more about the various eyewear of NASCAR drivers like Tony Stewart, Chase Elliot, and Joey Logano, then this article is for you.

NASCAR drivers wear sports sunglasses with polarized lenses to protect their eyes. They also don certain sunglasses as part of deals with various brands as brand ambassadors. NASCAR drivers wear various sunglasses brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Encon Official Safety Eyewear.

NASCAR drivers wear multiple polarized sunglasses of different brands, including different models and types. The sunglasses they wear are dependent on their ambassadorship with certain brands, their personal taste, and the functionality of the chosen pair of sunglasses. Let’s look at which sunglasses NASCAR drivers use!

What Kind of Sunglasses Do NASCAR Drivers Wear?

NASCAR Drivers can wear any number of sunglasses, as there are multiple brands out there to choose from. However, as sportsmen, it’s common to see race car drivers wearing sporty brands such as Oakley, Nike, or Adidas.

During his NASCAR sprints, famous semi-retired NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has been seen wearing the Oakley Monster Pup sunglasses. Stewart has also donned the Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses and Oakley Valves in the past.

Many luxury fashion houses also release lines of sporty eyewear that you’ll see on the faces of some of your favorite NASCAR drivers. For example, the luxury Italian fashion brand Prada released a popular line of sports sunglasses dubbed the Prada Linea Rossa line.

Brands aside, NASCAR drivers will undoubtedly look for sunglasses that are polarized so they can see clearly on the track, even in bright and sunny weather. However, sunglasses that are too dark would most likely be avoided since NASCAR drivers will need to clearly see their surroundings and their competitors on the track.

If you’re looking for sunglasses to wear on the racetrack, it’s important to consider how bulky your potential sunglasses will be. Because the helmets are worn by race car drivers, the sleeker your sunglasses are, the better. The sunglass arms, in particular, should be thin enough to fit comfortably between your head and the helmet padding.

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What Are the Official NASCAR Sunglasses?

NASCAR is a household name amongst both non-fans and die-hard race car driving enthusiasts. So it’s only right that the sanctioning and operating company has its own sports eyewear line. Nascar Safety Eyewear, also known as the Encon NASCAR Official Licensed Safety Eyewear, offers four different styles to choose from.

These are the NASCAR 427 Series, NASCAR 442 Series, NASCAR 460 Series, and NASCAR GT Series – all in a range of colors. Marketed as both excellent for safety purposes and delectably stylish, the NASCAR sunglasses have a scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating and UVB and UVA protection.

These lightweight, durable sunglasses are perfect for the track, thanks to their low profiles, soft noses, and sturdy polycarbonate lenses. You can purchase the entire NASCAR Encon range on the official NASCAR website, www.nascar.com.

Why Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Sunglasses?

NASCAR drivers may be wildly famous in countries all over the world, but they wear sunglasses for the same reason everyone else wears sunglasses: to shield their eyes from the sun. When driving on the track with multiple other NASCAR drivers zooming by, you don’t want to be squinting because of the harsh sun in your eyes.

Plus, with the high stakes of NASCAR racing, there’s little to no room for error, so wearing sunglasses is just part and parcel of the racing process. It’s also of key importance that a NASCAR driver’s vision does not get distorted while on the track. He or she must be able to always see properly, with precise vision and clarity.

Another less obvious reason NASCAR drivers wear sunglasses is for the purpose of advertising. While some drivers may wear sunglasses for utility’s sake, many famous NASCAR drivers have sponsorship deals with sunglass brands. Drivers will get paid to endorse certain brands, get snapped in public wearing the brand’s sunglasses, and of course, wear them on the track.

NASCAR drivers are celebrities, after all, and one photograph of them wearing a certain brand of sunglasses can lead to millions of dollar’s worth of sales for that brand. Aspiring racers, adoring fans, and amateurs alike love to sport the same brands or even the same model of sunglasses that their favorite NASCAR drivers were spotted wearing on the track.

Which Sunglasses Do Famous NASCAR Drivers Wear?

Of course, some drivers will have multiple pairs of sunnies to switch between. However, we can tell you the names of certain sunglasses we’ve seen worn by famous NASCAR drivers every fan would know.

Chase Elliot, one of the most famous NASCAR names out there, has been spotted on the track wearing Rayban WayfarersOpens in a new tab. on multiple occasions. On the other hand, we have Ryan Blaney, who is an apparent fan of sunglasses from Nectar Eyewear, an American company that produces polarized sports sunglasses and casual eyewear.

Did you know that the NASCAR Cup Series Driver Joey Logano is an ambassador for the Wiley X sunglasses?Opens in a new tab. You can spot Wiley X branding on his beautiful Ford Mustang and spot him out and about sporting Wiley X racing gear with a pair of WX Kingpin’s perched on his nose.


To put it simply, NASCAR drivers wear a range of different sunglasses in terms of both brand and model, and this will depend on a wide array of factors. Next time you need to purchase sports eyewear, now you’ll know exactly which pair celebrities like Tony Stewart have been seen wearing on the track.







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