About Motor Racing Sports

“Welcome to the motor sports section of our website, where you’ll find all the latest news and analysis from the world of motorsports. Our team of experienced writers is dedicated to bringing you in-depth coverage of all the major events, from Formula One to NASCAR to MotoGP.

Hi I am Roy Ford a self confessed fan of four wheels and chief writer for Motorracingsports.com. Although i have tried my hand at a few i now get greater enjoyment, and wallet relief it has to be said, from watching professionals race especially here in the US and follow both NASCAR and IndyCar through all their ups and downs.

From the first toy car i was given as a gift, the first pedal car i raced around the garden, the first time in a Go Kart and the first time in an AutoCross event i have been a petrol head and a lifelong motorsports fan. I hope to share of of the knowledge i have with you all whether you are a die hard fan, or just getting into the sport.

Never had the skill, unfortunately, or the money, again unfortunately, to take it any further than for fun, but i have certainly had a lot of that.

To keep the passion alive i have started this site to give all the answers to those questions that are difficult to answer about motor sports, especially NASCAR and IndyCar which i follow from up close and from afar depending where i am in the world on a any given Sunday.

On this site we aim to answer those questions that pop up into your head when you too are sitting watching Motorsports and here is what you can expect to find on our humble site.

So whether you’re looking for the latest news on your favorite team or driver, or want to know more about the technical aspects of the sport, be sure to check out our site regularly for all the latest updates. Thanks for visiting!”

We add to it if not daily, then at least weekly so there is always something new to take a look at.