Why Are Nascar Tickets So Expensive?

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You’re at home, browsing through stub hub, looking for tickets to a Nascar race. You enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching people race on the racetrack, but you’re tired of watching from your couch. You decide that you want to see the action in-person and you finally find tickets; you look at the price and wonder, why are Nascar tickets so expensive?

Nascar tickets are so expensive for many reasons, but mainly because there is a limited amount of tickets and a high demand for them. Tickets may also be expensive because of the seats that you were selecting. Certain seats at NASCAR Races are more expensive than others.

Supply and demand are not the only reasons for how expensive Nascar tickets are. Other factors such as seating arrangements, the type of event that you are attempting to attend, and more can heavily influence the cost of NASCAR tickets. Keep reading to learn about the costs of Nascar tickets and any cost friendly ways to obtain those tickets.

Nascar Tickets: How expensive are they?

On average, the most expensive Nascar tickets can cost between ninety-five and three hundred forty United States dollars. However, prices can range from forty-five dollars to over four hundred dollars. This dramatic range is caused by the different seats as well as the event you choose to attend.

The Daytona 500 race is one of the biggest and prestigious races that Nascar hosts. This event attracts huge crowds which causes a rise in cost for the tickets. The tickets for this race are always the most expensive on the event schedule. The cost in tickets ranges between $95 and $340.

Mid-season races such as the Yellawood 500 and the Bristol cost less than the Daytona 500. The price range for mid-season events range between $60 and $115.

On average, the cost for any ticket for any race is around $125. However, if you choose to buy a bundle or purchase tickets for seats that are closer to the racetrack then prices will most likely cost more than $125.

There are many factors that affect how much your Nascar tickets cost. Before buying any tickets, it is best to consider where do you want to sit during the race, which race do you want to attend, and which choice is more affordable for you. Think about if you’re going to go with family or friends, buying a bundle or multiple tickets will be expensive.

Where To Find Cheaper Tickets

Attending a Nascar race is not cheap. Their races attract huge crowds who are willing to pay for expensive tickets to secure their seats. Trying to find an affordable ticket so that you can also enjoy the event is not easy, but it is possible. Listed below are two websites where you can find cheaper tickets that still guarantee a quality show

Box Office provides tickets to events at a discounted price. It has filters which allow you to determine the event you wish to go to, what day you’d like to attend, and what time of day you’d prefer. The website makes sure to list the price for tickets of different seats as well so that you can make the best decision for you.

Capital City sells tickets for a variety of areas within the event. These locations include general admission, front row tickets, floor tickets, VIP seats, lower level, upper level, and more. These tickets are sold for a discounted price and are available to be downloaded or printed.

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NASCAR Tickets for Kids

NASCAR is committed to increasing its base, although its success at this is debated, and one of the key ways it has opted to do this is to make NASCAR races accessible for children, and make bringing families to the races easier on all our wallets.

it also has the added bonus of fans developed from a young age and help protect the future of the sport.

Children can often, though not always so check the track, offered free entry to the truck and Xfinity racing on the Friday and Saturdays of race weekends and for the main NASCAR Cup series events they are (again check the track) start charging a nominal fee of 10 dollars though they are not going to be able to sit in pitlane for that amount!

Children are defined as 12 and under, so sorry teenagers!

We have a more detailed article on NASCAR Tickets for Kids here on the site with links and advice on how to get your free tickets.

Reasons Why Nascar Tickets Are Expensive

As discussed earlier in this article, Nascar tickets are expensive for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from the classic supply and demand all the way to the upkeep of the race cars. So why are the tickets so expensive? Listed below are common reasons why Nascar tickets are expensive.

  • Supply and Demand
    • Essentially, supply and demand is the idea that there is limited supply of tickets and there great demand to have those tickets. Because there are only so many seats in the stadium, people are willing to pay more to make sure that they secure a spot in the stadium. This is the biggest reason for how expensive the tickets are sold for.
  • Events
    • Popular and prestigious races such as the Daytona 500 race attract larger crowds. Depending on the event that you choose to attend, the cost of tickets will either be more expensive than usual or less expensive than usual.
  • Seats
    • Where you choose to buy your seat has a great impact on the cost of your ticket. Sitting close to the race track or in VIP areas will be more expensive than if you’re seated further away from the track.
  • Maintenance
    • Cars and tracks are very expensive. A lot of the money that comes from the cost of tickets is used to maintain the tracks for the racers and replace any areas that need to be replaced at the end of the race. The upkeep costs of the tracks are expensive, therefore the revenue earned from the costs of the tickets covers some of the upkeep of the stadiums
  • Salary
    • It’s important to remember that this is a job for the racers. They need to get paid for their job, and so some of the money that is generated from the cost of the tickets goes towards the salaries of the racers. Some of this salary money is also used to cover travel expenses as well.
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Attending a Nascar race is definitely pricey, but it can make a great memory for you. There are many reasons why the tickets are so expensive, and they are good reasons, but there are ways to find more affordable tickets for sale.

Websites like the Box Office and Capital City are there to make sure you can attend the event at a discounted price. Don’t let the cost of Nascar tickets stop you from having a great time!



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