How Much Do NASCAR Drivers Weigh?

After spending a day flicking through drivers pages on their sites and other NASCAR sites i noticed there is invariably a bio (biography section). it details age, team, age, married status and now and then weight. However, with racing being a sport of hundredths of seconds i though weight, and maybe height might make a difference in hiring considerations and results in the NASCAR cup series races. So we took a look for the tallest, shortest and lightest and heaviest Nascar drivers.

Most NASCAR drivers weigh between 150 and 175 Pounds (65 and 75 kg). One of the heaviest drivers was “Tiny” Lund at 270 pounds, (122 kg), while the lightest driver was Danica Patrick at 100 Pounds (45kg). With modern NASCAR weight rules if drivers stay around 180 pounds there will be limited impact to performance.

With races getting closer and closer each year it is interesting to wonder if size of driver plays a significant role in either teams planning or teams recruitment strategies.

2022 NASCAR Cup Drivers’ Height And Weight

With the 2022 NASCAR Cup season fast approaching, and a new next gen carOpens in a new tab. on the horizon we can see if the established drivers and the rookies coming up also have any weight and height advantages over each other, or if the Christmas holidays were a little too indulgent for some!

Of course these are subject to change, althoughnot height usually! , so if you get an answer wrong in a quiz or whatever we take no responsibility 😛

If you can’t find your favourite driver here, then neither could we! If you know, or you are the driver then feel free to share the information in the comments below. Not saying anyone has anything to hide or anything ;).

DriverHeight (metres / ft & in)Weight (kgs)
Kevin Harvick5ft 10 (1.78m)175lb (75 kg)
Austin Cindric6ft 4 (1.93m)170 lb (77 kg)
Austin Dillon5ft 8 (1.73m)179 lb (81 kg)
Kevin Harvick5ft 10 (1.78m)175 lb (79 kg)
Kyle LarsonOpens in a new tab.5ft 6 (1.68m) 135 lb (61 kg)
Brad Keselowski5ft 10 (1.78m)177 lb (80 Kg)
Corey LaJoie6ft 1 (1.85m)180 lb (82 Kg)
Tyler Reddick5ft 5 (1.65m)130lb (59 kg)
Chase Elliot5ft 10 (1.78m)145 lb (66 kg)
Aric Almirola6ft 0 (1.83m)160 lb (73 kg)
Denny Hamlin6ft 0 (1.83m)170 lb (77 kg)
Ryan Blaney5ft 9 (1.75m)150 lb (68 kg)
Chase Briscoe6ft 1 (1.85m)Unknown
Chris Buescher6ft 0 (1.83m)Unknown
Kyle Busch6ft 1 (1.85m)185 lb (84 kg)
Martin Truex Jr.5ft 11 (1.80m)180 lb (82 kg)
Harrison Burton6ft 1 (1.85m)185lb (84 kg)
Joey Logano6ft 3 (1.91m)185 lb (84 kg)
Bubba Wallace5ft 6 (1.68m)166 lb (75kg)
Willian Bryon5ft 9 (1.70m)154 lb (70 kg)
Todd Gilliland6ft 0 (1.83m)150lb (68 kg)
Ty Dillion5ft 10 (1.78m)185 lb (84 kg)
Kurt Busch5ft 11 (1.80m)160lb (73 kg)
Ricky Stenhouse Jr.5ft 10 (1.78m)165lb (75 Kg)
Alex Bowman6ft 1 (1.85m)178lb (80 kg)
Daniel Suarez5ft 9 (1.70m)166 lb (75 kg)
Kyle Busch6ft 1 (1.85m)185 lb (84 kg)
Dale Earnhardt6ft 1 (1.85m)179 lb (81 kg) – Jr though!
Richard Petty6ft 2 (1.88m)No idea! he is 84 now!
Jeff Gordon5ft 8 (1.73m)150 lb (68 kg)
Danica Patrick5ft 2 (1.57m)Unknown, but around 100lb (see below)

Source: Various Wiki mostly, but some pretty questionable clickbait articles potentially so feel free to correct us!

Most Nascar Drivers weights range between 150 and 180lb. and their heights range between 5ft 7 and 6 ft 1. This is in line with most males around the world. We have included Danica Patrick as there was some ill tempered moaningOpens in a new tab. about how she may have an advantage due to being smaller but realistically apart from acceleration it is very unlikely.

So basically NASCAR drivers look like most of us, same size same height but as they are, at least nowadays, pretty athletic they will have more muscle mass, they are likely to be healthier than me and you. (me especially!!!)

Do Nascar Drivers Eat During A Race

How Much Do NASCAR Cars Weigh?

With the exception of the huge truck races NASCARs are at the heavy end of the racing spectrum coming in at double the weight of a Formula one car. Rules dictate that a NASCAR should weigh 3300 Pounds. (1497 Kg) The rules also suggest that a driver should weigh 80kg.

This doesn’t mean smaller drivers will have to stock up on Macdonald’s or KFC though. If i driver weighs in at 170 lb they will add 10lb of weight to the car, if they weight 162 lb they will add 20 Lb to the card, etc.

However this weight addition stops at 140lbs, which is why the mini controversy over Danica Patrick who some argue was gaining 40lb of weight advantage. we have put the mini table below to explain it more clearly. Coincidently the rules are similar to the F1 rules on drivers weights as well.

Drivers WeightCar Weight
Below 139 poundsMinimum car weight is 3,325 pounds
Between 140-149 PoundsMinimum car weight is 3,315 pounds
Between 150-159 PoundsMinimum car weight is 3,305 pounds
Between 160-169 PoundsMinimum car weight is 3295 pounds
Between 170-179 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3285 pounds
Between 180-189 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3275 pounds
Between 190-199 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3265 pounds
Between 200-209 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3255 pounds
Between 210-219 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3245 pounds
Over 220 Pounds Minimum car weight is 3235 pounds

Is Weight So Important In Nascar?

According to Nasa (no less!!) a race car traveling at 200 Miles per hour will create about twice its weight in downforce which results in more grip and faster cornering. Although full disclosure Nasa is talking about Indy cars with downforce wings the same physics rules can be applied to NASCAR.

There has been some back and forth on downforce implementation in NASCAR over the years with a reduction since around 2017. Although downforce does afford cars more grip especially when cornering it can also reduce speed, increase the speed of tires wearing out and reduce fuel efficiency.

However in the 2022 Nascar Cup series the Next Gen Nascar will include a 4 inch downforce spoiler to go along with its 670 horsepower. with this car being so new to NASCAR we will have to wait and see what effects this will have when the season starts and the Next Gen car makes its debut at the Coliseum in Los Angeles on February the 6th.

How Much Do NASCAR Drivers Weigh?

Are Taller and Heavier Drivers Disadvantaged in NASCAR Racing?

Compared to indy, karting, Formula 1, Sprint racing etc Indy cars are beasts. usually much heavier. It means that despite the cars actually having more room for drivers, as well as room for modelled seats, longer legs etc, they actually can take more weight with less effect on performance.

In indy car for example the cars are so much lighter and smaller that having a big driver might actually give a significant and noticeable performance drop. In nascar this is not so much of an issue.

With the new rules on NASCAR Driver weight this has become less of an issue now the cars can reduce their weight in relation to the size of the driver ( up to a point) which levels the playing field even more.

Coupled with the fact that to race at this level of NASCAR you actually need to be in great shape physically and are unlikely to find many drivers pushing 220 pounds, the weight issue is vey negligible in NASCAR. Even the ”advantage” of being 40 pounds under the NASCAR minimum was shrugged off by most crews and drivers when it was brought up about Danica Patrick.

It there an advantage, probably, is it going to make huge differences, very unlikely.

The Heaviest Drivers To Ever Race In NASCAR

There have been a few drivers in NASCAR that could be referred to as larger gentlemen. Less so in recent years and we have to head back a decade or three to find the ”Heavyweights of NASCAR”

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s there was less focus on drivers condition than there is today. Drivers didn’t have to work out, watch what they eat and drink and there was much less focus on driver size, height, and weight.

Just as a couple of examples from those, simpler, times. DeWayne Louis “Tiny” Lund, was a giant on and off the track. He is named as one of NASCAR’s 50 greatest drivers of all time, has Daytona 500 wins to his name, Was the grand American Champion in 1968, 1970 and 1971.

He tragically died in a Crash on the Talladega Speedway in 1975. Giant on the track most detainly, and off the track he was 6ft 5 and around 270 lbs! A larger than life personality and presence.

Other notable larger, heavier and taller drivers have been, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, and Michael Waltrip

The Tallest And Shortest Drivers To Ever Race In NASCAR

It it’s easier to find out the height of NASCAR drivers than the weight, which i can understand as i tend to be much looser with how tall i am than how heavy i am as well. The tallest NASCAR Driver we could find information on was Hall of famer Buddy Baker who stood at 6ft 6! There has been other tall drivers since him as well. We take a look at some of the tallest and shortest drivers in NASCAR below.

These are some of the the tallest drivers who have raced in NASCAR. We have included some current and some familiar old faces.

  1. Buddy Baker: 6ft 6 (198 cm.)
  2. Michael Waltrip: 6ft 5 (195 cm.)
  3. Tiny Lund: 6ft 5 (195 cm.)
  4. Austin Cindric: 6ft 4 (193 cm.)
  5. Joey Logano: 6ft 3 (191 cm.)

The shortest drivers are easier to research, at least the shortest. With Danica Patrick being on of the few women to ride in the top tier of nascar she takes the spot at the top of this table as well.

  1. Danica Patrick 5ft 2 (152 cm.)
  2. Tyler Reddick 5ft 5 (165 cm.)
  3. Kyle Larson: 5ft 6 (168 cm)
  4. Mark Martin: 5ft 6 (168 cm.)
  5. Jeff Gordon: 5ft 7 (170 cm.)

Final thoughts:

So as you can see there have been some pretty wide extremes with both weight and height of NASCAR drivers. However, one thing is certain, whatever size a NASCAR driver may be you can be assured they are in great physical shape. They wouldn’t be able to race around a track at 200 miles an hour if they were not!


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